5 Keys to Your Freedom From a 9 to 5 Job


Did you know that the majority of fatal heart attacks happen at 9am on Monday morning? It's true. It seems a lot of people would rather die than get back to the old grind after a weekend of freedom.

Well, for your information, home-based businesses are one of the fastest growing enterprises in America today. As this is being written, some 40 million Americans are doing at least some form of work from home, and the numbers are rising rapidly.

A master marketer and author, Dr. Jeffrey Lant, became a work-at-home millionaire and is a perfect example of what truly can be achieved if you are serious about chucking your day job, staying home, and not settling for peanuts in exchange for your freedom. You can have it all. You can stay home and make as much - and more - money than your current job provides you. Here are the 5 keys on how to work from home and make big bucks, no matter where you live:

Your Commitment

You want to emphasize the fact that to be successful in a work-at-home situation you have to be nothing less than a fanatic, who is utterly committed to making work-at-home not only a successful venture, but a profound commitment for life.

Eliminating the Home-Office Mentality

It's a mistake to quit your job and go home with a "home-office" mentality. By this, I mean thinking small and believing that you will automatically sacrifice a decent income in exchange for your freedom. Please do not think small!

Your International Headquarters

Well, today you don't need the great mind of a philosopher to make the entire world come into your living room. What you need is a phone jack, a telephone, a fax machine, a computer and a modem. We live in a unique time in history. Satellites, fiber optics, the integrated circuit and other communications miracles mean that you can be just about anywhere in the developed world and establish communication with anyone in the world.

Your Business Hours

Running your own business is all about being inspired 24 hours a day. When you stop selling your body and soul to some company or corporation and start giving your energy to yourself, work has a way of turning into inspiration and play.

Building Your Network and Mastermind

You may have heard the saying “Your network is your net worth.” It’s very true. Joining a mastermind or networking group will help you to be more productive in your business. I highly recommend reading the book “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill. This book talks about how powerful it is to be in a mastermind.

Ranee Siri


Ranee Siri is a wellness coach for corporate and busy professionals. She is also an author, speaker, yoga and meditation instructor, as well as a Reiki master. She loves helping people maintain a healthy mind and body so they can create success in any area of their life.