20 Successful Network Marketing Tips

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Building a team in any business starts with connections. As a full-time teacher who is happily married with two kids, I have built a successful networking marketing business over the past 3 1/2 years. Here are 20 techniques I use consistently. Implement these techniques immediately to build your connections and find success.

When you meet someone at an event,
1. Introduce yourself and ask how you can serve them.
2. Connect on social media.
3. Be consistent. You want your network to think of you when they think of your brand.
4. Stay positive. People want to be inspired, entertained, and educated. Post relatable and authentic content that creates value for your target audience.
5. Always ask permission before adding people to groups or tagging them in sales posts.
6. Send individual messages instead of group messages. If you send a group message, the members will usually leave the group conversation or ignore, delete, or block you. You will not gain customers this way.
7. Add new friends daily, but never add someone as a friend and then send them your link to order.
8. On social media, avoid words like "Join my team" or "Buy this now."
9. Never post only a link on your Facebook wall or a picture of a product with a price. This is spammy and people do not want to be sold to.

When doing Facebook lives,
10. Prepare and advertise ahead of time.
11. Make sure you have good lighting. Stand in front of an open window or invest in a ring light.
12. Start right away. Waiting for people to hop on tells your audience that their time is not valuable.
13. At the beginning, explain what you will be talking about. Create value by offering solutions to problems or sharing how-to's. Use hashtags in your descriptions.
14. Avoid dead time, the word "um," and don't repeat yourself when new people hop on. Most people will watch the replay.
15. Interact with your audience. Ask them to share your video, ask where they are watching from, and if they are watching on the replay, ask them to comment #replay. Thank them for watching.

Follow up! After a sale,
16. Send a handwritten thank you card.
17. Ask permission to tag them in a thank you post.
18. Follow up to make sure they received their order and are satisfied with it. Follow up again a couple months later asking if they need to reorder. In between, interact with them on Facebook.
19. Ask them to write you a review on social media.
20. Ask for referrals.

Network marketing is all about building relationships and expanding your network. People buy from those they like, know, and trust, so it's essential to always make new friends and nurture those friendships. Be knowledgeable about how your product or service can help others. Be a consistent presence on and off social media and strive to provide value for your target audience.

Lauren B. Aven, M.A.


My name is Lauren B Aven. I am a wife, mother of 2 girls, high school teacher, and entrepreneur.  When I was introduced to network marketing in 2014 with Younique, I found a new and exciting way to make an even greater difference in the lives of others.  My life's mission is to uplift, empower, and validate women to look and feel beautiful and lead them to live the life they love.