What's Going On San Diego

Are you looking for a better way to PROMOTE and build your business?


Would you like to tell your story in a way that ELECTRIFIES your audience?


Are you interested in INCREASING your income potential?


Do you want to become an UNSTOPPABLE leader?


Public speaking is a phenomenal way to bring recognition to your business. It's a great way to have your voice heard and to build your brand. By adding public speaking to your marketing plan, you will be able to attract, convert, and empower an even bigger audience.


The UNapologetic Speaker and TEDx Coach, Davide Di Giorgio, created this monthly event to "give the best of his 25 years of experience in business, education, musical theatre production, creation and direction, innovation and transformation, on-purpose creatives, leaders and experience creators who want to go from being unheard and uncertain to UNforgettable and UNstoppable Speakers and Visionary Leaders.”


Join, Davide, and his special guest, Josée Brisebois, for this masterclass and networking experience.


Here you will have the opportunity to present a 5-minute talk from the stage and get feedback and coaching from Davide & Josée. The speaking opportunity is limited and is a first-come-first-serve opportunity, so arrive early to secure your speaking spot.


By attending this event, you will:


* Learn how to speak to CONVERT audiences into raving fans, repeat bookings, and revenue

* Learn how to become a PAID speaker

* Get feedback and coaching to ACCELERATE your speaking business

* Learn how to tap into your full potential and SMASH through FEARS as a speaker and entrepreneur

* Learn how to dress for the stage, the camera, and to create UNstoppable success in your life!


...and much more.


You also will have the opportunity to obtain photos of you speaking for use in your speaker trailer or on your website.


Reserving your ticket is FREE for this 'Pay What You Can' event and space is limited to 40 attendees.


Bring lots of business cards for networking and arrive early to secure a speaking spot. All attendees will get a chance to introduce themselves and their business.


For more information, please visit http://Events.DeliverVision.com.