3 Tips for Intropreneurs to Free Yourself of Stress


Have you ever felt like you had low energy, constant headaches, aches, pain, insomnia, rapid heartbeat or even loss of sexual desire? These symptoms can be attributed to stress and, according to an article published by American Psychological Association (2017), money and work have consistently topped the list of stressors.

For many entrepreneurs figuring out cash flow and burning the midnight oil is a constant theme. In light of these maladies, here are my three personal destressors: breathing, meditation, and exercise.

First tip is simple, breathe.

The normal breathing we do tends to be short. It does not maximize the oxygen our mind and body need. When performing proper breathing, we are consciously inhaling fully, holding, and fully exhaling.

The way to perform this exercise is by sitting and relaxing. Breathe in fully as much air as you can and hold it for as long as you comfortably can. Next, breathe out through your mouth and forcefully push out as much air as possible. Then you rinse and repeat, following this breathing pattern until you feel both your mind and body relax.

It typically takes about 5 minutes to get the desired results. I do it when I’m starting to feel overwhelmed. It’s a simple exercise and it’s convenient because it can be done anywhere.

The second tip to unwind is through meditation.

The benefits of meditation are numerous, but in this case what’s important is it helps lower stress levels. Personally, I practice two different types of meditation.

The first is that I sit cross-legged in silence for 30 minutes. Thoughts will come and go in my mind, but what I focus on is my breath, inhaling and exhaling.

The second type I practice is guided in which I listen to nature (waterfalls, ocean waves, birds chirping) and blend it with positive affirmations.

Other different meditation practices you can look into are heart rhythm meditation, Guided Visualization, Zazen and Mindfulness. The key to meditation is consistency. You’ll notice relaxation and calming of the mind.

The third tip is to exercise.

Not only does your body need exercise for physical wellness, but it also needs it to destress. Things that I do on a weekly basis include running, stretching, body weight workouts, high intensity interval training, jump rope, and weightlifting.

It is recommended that we exercise 3-5 times a week at 30-minute intervals. Not only will you notice less stress, but the additional side effects include losing weight, gaining confidence, and looking better.

As entrepreneurs, we are often fighting for our freedom to live life on our terms. We are so busy creating solutions to problems, that we create issues for ourselves. Try the 3 exercises above to keep crushing it in business while also taking care of your stress levels. Your body and mind will thank you for it.

Alan Leung


Hi my name is Alan, I'm an experienced iPhone technician.
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