Do you know how to cook a frog? It’s a very simple process. You should just gently put the frog in warm water and turn on the stove; the frog will feel like it’s in heaven, taking a pleasant and cozy bath. As the water gets hotter, the frog adjusts its body temperature to the boiling point, the point of no return, when he can no longer move.

By the time he realizes he's not taking a bath, he will be cooked to perfection and served on a silver platter.

Does this story feel familiar?

We humans are a little bit like frogs, about to be cooked in our own comfort zone.

Too many times we put ourselves in situations where we feel comfortable enough to do what we are expected to do, and we adjust, like the frog, paying a high price for not getting out sooner than later.

It can take us months, even years, to realize we’ve wasted time, energy, relationships and our dreams.

Below are 5 simple steps on how to jump out of the water before it's too late.

  1. Think about your comfort zone and describe it in factual terms. Write in detail what it means for you to be comfortable. Write it like a statement, for example, “My comfort zone means not worrying about money, but having a predictable economy and making some plans for the future.”

  2. Write a list of what you’ve always dreamt about, but have disregarded because you were afraid of ________ (fill in the blank). For example, afraid of failing, losing your tranquility, loved ones, stability or something else.

  3. Think about your past and recall all the events when you felt like doing something, but your fear stopped you. Go back in time as far as you can.

  4. Go back to your childhood, when you were about 6 to 8 years old. What was your dream? What was your answer anytime somebody asked you about your future? Who did you want to become?

  5. While you are visiting your childhood, also write down what you were told, if you were bullied at school, if your parents or your teachers told what was right or what was most convenient for them. How were you described by others? For example, I was always described as “too much,” “too opinionated,” “too intense,” etc.

Now it's time for conclusions. If you feel thrilled about your present and what you have accomplished, stay in the warm water and don't ever let it boil. But, if you feel you are adjusting and the temperature is rising, be ready to jump; get out of your comfort zone and dare to be who you want to be. Get into action. Do whatever it takes to be who you are, embrace your greatness because you, my friend, are a miracle and the whole world is waiting for the gift you, and only you, can offer.

You don’t need to adjust to being loved; you don’t need to change to be accepted; you don’t need to fit in. You are not in this world to make others happy.

The world belongs to the ones who dare to be themselves despite others’ opinions and expectations.  

You are in this world to transform, inspire, create, and to believe in the endless possibilities your own existence brings to the whole universe and act accordingly to your wildest dreams.

Sylvia Chavez


Let me introduce you to Sylvia Chavez, an Extraordinary Love Coach with over 15 years experience serving women all over the world. Sylvia has cracked the code for true and for ever lasting love. She believes you can write your own love story beyond your wildest dreams without settling for anything less than what your soul and heart truly desire.