Freedom From the Meaningless


About halfway through the year I like to take a mental note on the progress of projects and efforts I had set out to accomplish for myself. This is a great time to celebrate the freedoms and small victories you have earned along the way with your journey in minimalism.

Remember that acknowledging and showing gratitude when you gain something from your small lifestyle changes is a great way to reinforce your positive behaviors and stay the course with your minimalism.  

Freedom From Clutter

If you started purging out a small space in your house and have made some significant leeway, cheers to you! Messy bathrooms and pantries are great places to start small and reclaim your space while also seeing how much of a difference it can make. It can be difficult to keep these high traffic areas simple and clean, but once you do, it's just simple upkeep to keep them organized and clear.

Freedom From Ownership

Have you resisted the waves of marketing and consumerism by strapping down on unnecessary purchases? Have you realized you don’t need to buy to own an experience? Sounds like you are not burdened by ownership and enjoy the freedom to go about your life without stuff dragging you down. Just think, 1 out of 11 Americans pays upwards of $90 for self-storage a month. But that’s not a ball and chain that holds you down, you are free to travel lightly.

Freedom From Choices

One of my biggest victories this year was conquering my wardrobe and bringing down the number of clothes I actually use. This continues to be a simple thing in minimalism that reinforces every day why I choose to own less. I simply don’t stress about what I wear as much anymore because I reduced my closet to multifunctional pieces that work well in many settings.

Less stuff, more space. Less stress, more joy. Living in minimalism, thriving at the meaningful.

And all of this because you choose to renounce needless consumption and search for freedom from consumerism. If you haven’t already, claim your independence from the things in life that weigh you down and take action against the clutter of life. Let us know how your journey is going by tagging your photos with #FreedomFrom.

Juan David Ortiz-Romero


Self driven and always up for a challenge, Juan David is a USMC veteran with the drive to be productive and engaged in the projects he works on. Juan has been involved with several nonprofits assisting them with event planning, logistics, and social media marketing. 

He is currently the CMO at LendIt a sharing economy platform, and also the lead event planner for the San Diego Mac N' Cheese festival and the San Diego Veterans Chamber of Commerce.