Are the Colors You Wear Sabotaging your Results?


Is it possible that by wearing the colors that look good on you will have you become more successful and creditable? Is it really that important?

The value of who you are doesn’t change, but when you are well dressed you will be noticed and your perceived value will increase. 85-90% of communication is non-verbal. What are your clothes saying about you?

There are certain colors that will have you connect instantly to someone you are meeting for the first time. Not only that, but you will appear to be more credible as well as trustworthy. Who wouldn’t want that?

And there are colors that create invisible walls between you and your audience if you are a speaker, or you and your potential client. What is the message you want to project?

When you feel your best, knowing you are making the impact you want to make and you look the part, people will remember you in a positive way. You want your image to impart the credible expert you are and not be sidetracked by what you feel comfortable in.

Many individuals dress for themselves and it can show. Being an entrepreneur can have you feel that we can do what we want because it is our business which in reality is true, but how do you want to be viewed in your potential clients’ eyes?

For me, if I met two people that had the same kind of business and I was looking to use their services and one was dressed to impress and the other looked like they rolled out of bed, guess who I would hire? The one that wasn’t dressed that well may have had more experience, but I probably still wouldn’t hire them. My feeling is if they don’t take care of themselves or care how they look, will they take care of me?

If you are meeting potential clients and you are not having the results you like, making a change in your appearance could be the ticket to increased results. Colors are so important and everyone has their own personal color recipe. Knowing this can give you the edge over your competitors as well as gaining the clients and connections you are looking for.

You want your wardrobe to be your blueprint that is authentic to your power and expression in order to embody and embrace your best version of you, wherever you go!

Danielle Fuhrman