Red, White, and Booming


It feels like fireworks the first time you get that check as an independent contractor or business owner.

Independence is an amazing feeling to feel pump inside your blood veins. Knowing YOU'RE the boss. But with that comes the responsibility of being the boss, too.

Below are FIVE TIPS to help you get "booming" now that you are more independent as an official business owner or independent contractor.

1) Don't discount value

When you have overwhelming value to offer a potential client... people will pay. Believe in yourself, your business, your value, and your product or service. Let your results speak for your company. You don't need to discount what brings clients tangible results... as long as you're being reasonable with your price.

Be a world-class-star in your niche when it comes to results and you'll never have to discount a great service (at a price that makes sense to everyone involved).

2) Don't discount referrals or the power of testimonials

When you have done excellent first class service for a client... don't be afraid to ask for referrals. Some of your BEST clients will come from other favorable clients you've worked with already. You never know the potential and the potent power of just having a five-minute conversation with a previous happy client will do for your business. Great people usually hang out with other great people... which is great for your now booming business.

3) Don't discount the power of the correct branding

Many companies with products that are not much different than the rest of them have risen to the tippy-top with the correct branding.

I'm sure you've heard of Nike's "Just do it" slogans, or branding experts like Gary Vaynerchuk that branded his ranks up through the masses of voices using popular social media outlet "Twitter."

Branding, especially the right kind, will skyrocket your business. The more independent you become, the more you have to properly channel these expertise within your business.

4) Don't discount the extreme value of collaboration

Living in the internet/media generation we now live in, the power of the "six degrees of separation" has only shortened... a lot. Whoever you want to know, chances are, you can actually meet them with a few steps.

One way of doing that is collaborating with other people or companies in niches you want your company exposed to. Teaming up with other companies not only expands your brainpower, but it also expands both of your resources at your disposal.

5) Don't discount your critics

Much like a food thermometer used to make sure your food is cooked thoroughly, your critics don't have to all be bad. Your critics sometimes let you see things from perspectives you haven't seen yet, and you didn't even have to put them on the payroll! Some critics have valuable assumptions and can play devil's advocate for your company that might save your company some time and money. Sort through the critics much like eating fish. Eat the meat and leave the bones. Some critics are actually your biggest fans and actually want to see you succeed (secretly). Because, let's be honest... who else can your critics critique if you fail?



Marc Beatty is a speaker, writer, up-and-coming author, thought leader, and is a mission to help others live their life intentionally and “On Purpose.”

Twitter: MarcOnPurpose