Y.E.S: Impacting the World Starts With Impacting the Youth


Did you know that the majority of the biggest movements in the world’s history started with the youth? If you aren’t aware, a little research goes a long way when it comes to self-education.

Even without doing the research, we must admit that as we get older, we are set in our ways and many times adults aren’t willing to change too much or not at all. In other words, to make the biggest impact in the world, you must be able to first impact the youth. And over time, as those young adults become leaders of the world, they have a new mindset that can eventually impact the world on a larger scale.

In this article you will learn how the nonprofit, Young Entrepreneur Society, has impacted future leaders to think bigger and outside the box.

YES Creates Confidence

Did you know that one of the main routes to immortality is writing books or music? Over the course of almost a year, Young Entrepreneur Society has helped multiple students write books, blogs, and even magazine articles.

Giving the students specific guidance and outlines on how to write a book has opened doors to them writing articles in magazines, blogs on websites, and even publishing their own books. Imagine if you were a student and you had an opportunity to tell your story, thoughts, opinions, and knowledge with thousands of entrepreneurs every single month and they ALL LISTENED without judgment.

Better yet, imagine how today’s high school students feel now that they have a resource to guarantee that they can share their story, thoughts, opinions, and ideas without judgment.

Imagine the confidence that a student can now feel forever and bring that confidence into the world. Do you have high school aged grandkids, kids, nieces, nephews, cousins, and so on? Do you believe it would be beneficial to their overall success in life? Exactly!

YES Creates Entrepreneurs

While we do mentor the students with all types of business ideas, we can all agree that we live in the digital age of entrepreneurship, right? So in conjunction with brick and mortar and service based professionals, the Young Entrepreneur Society has also brought ecommerce professionals to the students showing them how to create their online businesses with little to zero invested capital and with the fewest mistakes.

We currently have students who are excelling with their dropshipping, online stores, social media funnels, and more. We provide assistance with troubleshooting their products.

One of our greatest success stories is a student who sold out on the first day that she launched her store! Best of all, they can be a digital entrepreneur from the beach, park, or wherever else they see fit. Isn’t that amazing?! Of course it is!

YES Creates Leaders

We all know that leaders don’t build followers. Leaders build leaders.

A big part of the entrepreneurial foundation and spirit is leadership and that’s what we bring into the high schools. Leadership is essential to scaling the amount of impact we can all make collectively.

Young Entrepreneur Society goes into the schools with a student president and vice president. These two students have extra time with mentors within Young Entrepreneur Society staff and are educated and mentored in leadership fundamentals and principles. With that type of mentorship, the president and vice president can now bring those skills and lessons to the members of their club and lead them correctly. Creating leaders at an early age can be life changing, right? You bet!

All in all, my friends, I challenge us all to give back and think about legacy. The funny thing is that many people say they want to change the world and leave a legacy, but to truly make an impact, change the world, and leave a legacy, let’s start with being the type of mentor to others that you wish you had at their age.

Auntie Mary

Mary Hang


Mary Hang is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although she wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, her biggest and most rewarding passion is impacting the youth through Young Entrepreneur Society.