Live Free


Did you know that true freedom starts with our thoughts? How we see ourselves and how we move through life is all attached to the freedom or prison of our mind. Unless we believe we are free, we won’t be able to live free.

It’s our responsibility to live free in every corner of our mind. You can start by

·     Being free in your decisions. Do not waiver when you make a decision. DECIDE the next best thing for your family and finances and see it through. TRUST that you are wise enough to make tough business decisions. BELIEVE that you are 66 days from accomplishing any goal that you put your mind to and put consistent action behind it.

·     Being free from being a shadow. Being a copy of someone should not be a life goal. Your reflection is GREAT ENOUGH. Your ideas and input are worth sharing. Allow the creative living inside of you to shine.

·     Being free from seeking approval. Anytime you pursue confirmation from outside of yourself, you are sending a text message to your self-esteem. You are saying that someone else’s thoughts are greater or louder than yours. Your approval for yourself should hold more weight. Seeking approval snatches away your imagination and buries your originality.

·     Being free in your personality. If you love watching reruns of Star Wars or seeing Mulan for the sixteenth time, then that’s what you like. If enjoy hanging with people that others consider weird, continue hanging with them. Don’t allow anyone to discount the things that bring you consistent joy. Since you are like no one else, carry yourself like no one else.

·     Being free from casting blame. The way we set others free is by not passing blame around like a basketball. Every area in your life is your responsibility. Own it!

Be free from being bound by any thought or emotion. Choose to live free in your mind daily. Once you implement these actions, you will see a shift of freedom in your life.




I was the girl always looking for love and recognition outside of myself. My desire to be seen and acknowledged was attached to my self-worth. It took me breaking away from self-sabotaging relationships, losing friends and burying my mother, to understand that self-love is the only gift that will consistently fill me up.


The woman in me learned that pain, insecurities and rejection have to be covered with the makeup of self-love. This is why my heart work is helping women understand and walk in consistent love with who they are.


This is why The Logan Design Project offers your soul a daily vacation. This is done through our affirmation clothing and coffee mugs online boutique, YouTube videos and blogs. Reminders of how great you really are sent to you weekly.


I look forward to growing in more self-love with you.