The Art of Breaking a Fear!


To my new developing friends, I am an introvert/ambivert.

If you don’t know what an introvert is, it’s someone who is more on the quiet side who keeps to themselves. Unlike extroverts, we recharge by spending time by ourselves and like our quiet time. Our extrovert counterparts recharge by spending time with many people.  

To explain an ambivert, we tend to have a mixture of both introvert and extrovert qualities. Now, facing my fears more and more every day, I have turned into more of an ambivert.

One fear I have faced is walking up to strangers and sparking up a conversation. I've never had a problem when people walked up to me and started a conversation, but was raised in a very strict and quiet household and was told not to talk to strangers. I actually didn't learn how to start the conversation until recently. This was a huge step for me to change.

As an entrepreneur, you have to get out of your comfort zone if you want to have success.

How did I break my fear of approaching new people? Well, it started when I joined an entrepreneur mastermind group, Stegela Success Mastery. By joining the group, I was challenged to step outside of the proverbial comfort zone. I had to meet new people.

Fortunately, that then led me to meet like-minded people. It was mind-blowing to know so many individuals who had talents in so many different areas.

I’ve come to realize there are a lot of people who are experiencing the same things as me. To share success and failures with them is amazing.

My first breakthrough was when a bunch of us decided to go networking together (there is safety in numbers) and we challenged ourselves with walking away with a certain number of business cards in hand. It was scary at first, but each time it became easier. Being with a group of other people who were also scared made me feel supported. It was cool that they let me watch them as I gained the courage to get out of my comfort zone.

When it came time for me to get a number and exchange contact information, I had a bust…a fail! I chickened out! But I brushed that off and tried again.

I told myself, “You got this!” and everyone else in the group encouraged me, too. That helped a lot.

Then I was like, “Wait a minute - what do I say?” and I asked the ladies to give me suggestions. "Easy. Just say hi and introduce yourself.”

The third attempt was much better. It started to become more natural. People were very nice and actually didn’t mind me walking up to them to spark up a conversation. This was awesome for me to see.

That is the growth I have experienced. It now helps me to find more clients and I don’t even realize I am doing it. It comes naturally now!

The bottom line is that you may be an introvert, but you can learn to become an ambivert if you are willing to step outside of your comfort zone. It's time to stretch yourself and step out.