Sayings That Will Sink Your Startup


You’ve come up with a great idea that you know has the potential to help a lot of people, innovate an industry, and even bring in a sizeable return. You are ready for your startup!

Here are three common sayings that I often hear thrown around in the startup world and the sobering secrets I unearthed in my own startup disasters!

  1. “Just Start!” (with the right step)

The first steps I took when I decided to start a yoga studio business: I told a friend with an equal absence of experience in yoga startups and engaged a commercial real estate agent.

The former friend became my business partner in the venture. We then later found 3 amazing spaces that we just couldn’t pass up.

Never having been in the yoga industry nor owning a brick and mortar business, my logical first step should have been to seek expert mentorship.

Recently, I was involved in the beginnings of another startup, but this time, in addition to just starting I also sought out expert guidance. I had a conversation with a friend who had been involved with many startups of a similar nature. That conversation caused me to take a step back. He exposed my blind spots.

Make your first step research. Lot’s of it.

       2.”Done Is Better Than Perfect (and there are major risks involved)”

As I listened to my friend give me the rundown of what I should be considering, I happened to blurt out, “well, you’ve identified we have a great idea, and I think I’m just going with the notion that done is better than perfect.”

My done yoga business was really done within fifteen months with disappointed customers, destroyed friendships, major financial losses, and death threats.

While getting things done and not falling victim to analysis paralysis and comparanoia, can work quite favorably in some instances, getting things done in a way that has been expertly guided for success is a much smarter course of action.

This leads me to the next commonly thrown around adage you may derive false confidence from.

         3.“Your Network is Your Net Worth” (if you know what to ask)

Success is not a by-product of osmosis, despite what the saying may have you believe.

Had I asked the right questions, I would have discovered that we absolutely did not have sufficient resources to sustain a new yoga studio business.

Are you actually taking the time to build relationships to ask the questions that will allow you to benefit from the brilliance of your network and contribute to your success? Or are you showing up at functions and taking selfies?

And in that mastermind you’re paying for, are you challenging your mentor and peers to answer the tough questions? Or are you happy to just be leveling up your connections?

As a leader in your space, you are a startup! Arm yourself with the knowledge through research, guidance, and mentorship and the network that will support your steady rise to stable success.


Davide Di Giorgio


Davide Di Giorgio is an UNapologetic Speaker, Author, Leadership and TEDx Coach, Founder of UNapologetic Enterprises, the unWorld Leaders Network, and the Creator of the Speaker and Mastermind Experience at Sea. As one of the world’s leading speaking and leadership experts he’s worked with thousand of on-purpose speakers, performers, executives, and leaders across multiple industries for more than twenty-five years.

His philanthropic endeavor, Project UNx dares to tackle bullying and build confidence and self-esteem while funding dream projects for high school performing arts students.

Davide’s unapologetic approach has made him the go-to creative expert for on-purpose executives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who want to become unstoppable global leaders.