3 Areas to Create Positive Influence!


We all have influence. Whether we think so or not, each day we influence ourselves, our environment and those around us. These influences can be either negative or positive. It is very important to be mindful of this fact. This is because the kind of influence you put out will affect the way others see and feel about you. Are you influencing others positively or negatively? Are of one who helps others find solutions to problems or do you only complain and highlight the problem? Do you encourage and uplift those around you to new and better heights or do you rain on the parades of others?

Every day we have the opportunity to impact the world around us. Whether it be in big ways or small ways every one of us has the opportunity to be influential. These three areas of influence into account in your daily routine to increase your positive influence substantially:

1.    Jim Rohn stated that your mind is like a “mental factory.” What is being developed daily inside your factory? If positivity, success, and abundance are being produced inside, it will be delivered outside, guaranteed! This will affect your influence. So stand guard to the gates of your mental factory! Your mindset is the first thing that determines your influence! Strengthen it with good building material such as books, podcasts, and people!

2.    The next thing to focus on is your skillset! What new skill have you learned and worked on in the last year? What are you known for? What have you mastered that you can use to influence others positively? What can you teach others that can positively influence them and help them in some area of their life? Always be working on improving your skill sets. This will increase your influence substantially.

3.    This area must increase for both your mindset and skill set to come together and be truly influential. The area is your network! Your network is where your influence happens! They are your family, friends, coworkers, business partners and employees. It is those who look to you for answers because your mindset and skills are impacting and influencing them. To build a network of influence you have to show up! And show up every day! Give yourself, your mindset, and your skill set to others so they can also benefit and grow! We have a duty and responsibility to be successful, but on your way to your success bring others along with you.

In summary, being influential is about constantly improving yourself. Your mental factory produces positivity, abundance, and success. Your skill sets are constantly improving which the constant improvement of these two areas increases your network. You can now pour into your network and become a positive influential individual!


James Adalberto Nelson is a Marine Veteran and known as the Chain Breaker Speaker. After joining a mastermind with no business, no business idea and no vision for himself, he was finally able to break the chains that held him back and define his life and purpose. Now he helps others break their chains so that they can live the life they are meant to live as the person they are meant to be!