3 Areas Where You Affect Your Child


Hello everyone! It’s your favorite Auntie Mary again! In this month’s issue, I would like to address the environment. I’m not talking about your environment, but more of the environment you create for your kids. As we all know, whom we are around is whom we become, and we all know we want the best for our kids. As an entrepreneur though, some ups and downs can affect us in so many ways, and that’s where the accountability of our self-standard is paramount. So my friends, let me share with you three areas of your life to always hold yourself to the highest standard you would want your child to hold their self at.

Your Attitude Affects Your Child’s Attitude.

As a business owner, we have our ups and downs, and when our inner peace is disturbed, it tends to be noticed by others. When dealing with issues, tensions may even arise and we aren’t always the nicest person in the room. Trust me, it’s happened to us all. Eventually, we cool down and put ourselves back into our positive state of mind and all is good.

So, my entrepreneurial parents, your children learn so much. They learn how to deal with life’s ups and downs from you. I mean, come on, you’re their hero, and they are your number one fans. So regardless of how you may feel, I challenge you always to have a positive attitude. Treat people with respect, and it’s guaranteed your kids will be those positive impacting people that others love.

Your Mindset Affects Your Child’s Mindset.

As entrepreneurs, we all know a healthy mindset is paramount. I’m sure we can all agree that we want our children to have the strong mentality as well, ESPECIALLY in the face of fear or adversity. Sometimes we hesitate or feel in the slums when shit doesn’t go our way or when we have a fear of closing that sale, or a fear of making that call. There is always something that will challenge our mindset. Kill that noise!

Always remember to be your best self when your mindset is challenged. Realizing that your emotional state of mind is not only felt by you but also seen by your child. Challenge yourself always to set the example of a confident and robust mindset role model who faces challenges and adversity head on.

Your Communication Skills Affects Your Child’s Communication Skills.

This one is a huge one. Communication is an essential part of, not only business but also LIFE. Have you ever felt a miscommunication with business partners, potential clients, a significant other, or with your kids? Communication is a skill that we must have a desire to perfect and master. While it does involve speaking, it involves listening and being open-minded. You must be open-minded enough to understand that not every word said and heard should be perceived from your point of view.

While this may be one of the toughest skills to develop, how about starting with perfecting communication with your child first. It will benefit you in multiple ways. For one, it will build a stronger bond between you and your child and they will know they can always feel safe when talking to you, knowing that you won’t judge them. Secondly, you can grow your communication skills in a safe place as well. Sounds like a good day, right or right?!

So at the end of the day my friends, it all boils down to being the best role model you can be. You are an entrepreneurial parent and your child’s first superhero.

Mary Hang


Mary Hang is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although she wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, her biggest and most rewarding passion is impacting the youth through Young Entrepreneur Society.