3 Common Fears That Are Stopping Your Progress


1. Failure

This is more than likely the most talked about fear in the world of business. Everyone knows it takes guts and conviction just to start a business much less grow it. When we begin any endeavor, we know that the spectators are looking, watching, and judging our every decision. This is naturally unnerving, but many of us stop because we don't want people to watch us fail.

For those with this widespread fear I want you to be very aware of the fact that any risk taken in life is much like being a tightrope walker at a circus. Think about the focus needed to pull this off successfully. The men and women that do this look like they were born to walk perfectly on a line that's thinner than most of our patients. What we don't know or see from them is how nervous they are doing it deep down. There are lights, cameras, and hundreds of people watching live on the edge of their seats. They must drown out the noise of the audience, disregard the spotlights, and zero in on keeping their balance while moving forward: for if they don't do these things their chances of falling are drastically increased. The most important thing they must be sure not to focus on is on the number of times they've failed practicing this stunt even when no one was watching. Be like these men and women. Focus on your balance and move forward. All other things are irrelevant until you make it to the other side.

"I walk that line. I'll try to keep my senses- make it to the other side. I know the consequences, and I feel like I'm walking a tightrope..." - The Script.  

2. Being Unforgiven

Many things are holding us back in life. Both inner and outer factors. For this particular fear, this lies in our innermost selves. Everyone has done something in his or her past that they felt they should have apologized for but didn't for fear of being unforgiven or rejected by the person on the other end.

I want to make this nice and short because the solution here is straightforward. Just say what you need to say. Words and thoughts that are kept hostage in your heart will hinder your growth significantly. Be open with others and more importantly yourself and watch how much you accomplish. Do your best not to overthink anything. Once you have released all of that extra weight, you will go far, but the last and most important thing to do in this process is to be sure to forgive yourself. We all fall. We all make mistakes. Not all of us get up and continue walking.

3. Success

As funny as this sounds people are afraid of success. People become afraid of MAKING A LOT OF MONEY!!!!! We get afraid to push ourselves in our business because we think about all the changes that will happen both on and at the end of the journey. By setting big goals for you and your business you are accepting to make major changes in ourselves and our immediate environment. Some of us even self-sabotage! We tell ourselves that money doesn't buy happiness and that money is the root of all evil. I'm sorry to say, but these highly romanticized anecdotes will ultimately end your journey in the business world. These anecdotes keep us content and by keeping these sayings close to us, we will our power of our future away to the anecdotes.

Remember that any forward progress is good progress. If we stayed the same as we were, we would never grow. The change will happen with or without you. It is best to go through the process at your speed!

Najja Gandy


Author: Najja Gandy

Website: facebook.com/najja.gandy