3 Ingredients to Help You Stay Committed


As entrepreneurs, we all have what it’s called "Shiny Object Syndrome." I am guilty of this as well. Before I decided to become an entrepreneur, I was active duty in the Navy as a Culinary Specialist. My primary responsibilities consisted of, yup, you guessed it: cooking and cleaning. But once I finished my 8-year term with the Navy, I decided to take a different path. I went to college to study computer science. I received my Associates Degree in Computer Networking, then completed my Bachelor of Science in Information Systems Security. Once I graduated from college and started to look for jobs, due to lack of experience and lack of certifications in my industry, I couldn’t find any jobs in the IT field. At the time, I was heavily involved in a Muti-Level Marketing business, when that got boring, I moved on to the next thing than to the next after that. An entrepreneur must be able to make a clear path to achieving their goals, even when everything else seems to be standing in the way.

The 1st key ingredient to entrepreneurial success is knowing your “why.” What is your “WHY” behind it? Knowing “why” allows us to make decisions in the absence of direction, provide alternatives, and make adjustments if the original instructions prove insufficient or incorrect. Some will refer to the “why” as the “guiding principle” or the “primary objective.”  

The 2nd key ingredient to entrepreneurial success is accountability. Like I mentioned before us entrepreneurs are always distracted, and accountability is what helps us stay focused on goals and tasks at hand. Without a structure in place, nothing is holding our feet to the fire. So, what are the keys to holding yourself accountable?

- Set up a goal for yourself in the next week, and then create a consequence that is more painful than it would be for you not to complete the objective.

- Share your goals and plans with your peers and ask them to hold you accountable.

The 3rd and last key ingredient to entrepreneurial success are having an intense action/business plan. Action or business plans allow you to highlight the actionable steps that you need to take to achieve your tasks. It also gives a clear understanding of the time frame these measurable steps should be completed and allows you to create a detailed roadmap that leads to success.


Yoichi Kato is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and a Navy veteran. He is a master business networker & connector who is always connecting people. He is also an amazing Chef who provides private chef services all over San Diego. Yoichi loves to help others and see them thrive.