3 Keys for Perseverance

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PERSEVERANCE owns these three synonyms: determination, commitment, and endurance. They are an entrepreneur’s best friend. When starting a business you must have a measurable end result and work backward towards that goal. Obstacles WILL definitely pop up. Your success depends on how you handle the obstacles and push forward, even when you want to quit. I love this quote, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

Key #1: Determination

My husband and I were introduced to entrepreneurship with the idea of starting a home daycare. In our previous lives, I was a secretary for 10 years working for high-level executives and my husband was an airplane mechanic for 20 years. These two careers were totally non-related to daycare. But we fell in love with the concept of supporting working parents by providing a safe and loving environment for their little ones.

Once we did our research and created a plan, we decided to go for it. The first goal was to find a location. We searched high and low for a home we could rent, but found it challenging to find a landlord that would allow the business on their property. We were determined, so our solution was to purchase a home for the business.

Key #2: Commitment

Just as the home purchase closed, we were hit with a major obstacle. Although my husband and I are parents and grandparents, we were not experienced in running a home daycare. We decided to partner up with a licensed child care provider to run the daycare while we provided the real estate. That plan fell through, but because of our commitment, we were determined to open the daycare anyway.

We went through the application process together and became licensed providers as a team. That turned out to be the best decision ever. By becoming licensed providers, that opened the door for us to provide daycare jobs and partner with community organizations.

“Unless Commitment is made, there are only promises and hopes … but no plans.” – Peter Drucker

Key #3: Endurance

Endurance is staying focused on the goal and pushing through the obstacles to the end, no matter what. We saw those obstacles and turned them into opportunities to grow. Staying on task has increased our confidence and opened our minds to creative possibilities. We now explore ideas with a ‘what-if’ mindset.

With this growth, we’ve expanded our business plan and over the next five years, we will open five new home daycare franchises.

As you can see, these three tips were pivotal in the growth process. I hope this encourages you to pursue your passion, even if you don’t have experience. Open your mind to learn new things. Approach it with determination, commitment, and endurance and you will be successful. The secret to success is DON’T QUIT!

Denise Davis


Denise Davis is a best-selling author, speaker, founder of That’s It! A Personal Touch and Co-Founder of Growing With Grace Family Daycare. Denise lives in San Diego with her husband, Richard, and they are members of Stegela Success Mastery.