3 Keys to a Thriving Entrepreneurial Marriage

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Being an entrepreneur is not easy; being married to an entrepreneur is not easy; and both people being entrepreneurs is definitely not easy. Here are three keys that will ensure you have a thriving entrepreneurial marriage


Being married to my wonderful husband, who is very passionate about what he does, we don’t see each other that much. Married for 8 years and having been with each other for a total of 12 years, we have gone through a LOT. What I have learned throughout our journey of marriage is to trust each other.

Constantly overseeing our businesses, maintaining our staff, and having meetings separate from each other, we rarely see each other. Although there is limited time, having the trust with one another is very important. Without trust, marriage leads to failure.

I have learned that our marriage is long lasting and happier than ever due to our trust of each other. I allow Stephen to do what he needs to do, and he does the same for me. Because we trust each other, we are able to manage our businesses without the other person looking over the other one’s shoulder asking about everything we did that day.


Another thing I have learned is, due to our limited time, we have to plan. We plan dates, vacations, and even sex!!!! Having time set aside really helps us reunite, get caught up, and have that quality time that most women love!!!!

Mission Statement

Lastly, having the same mission statement in the marriage is important. Mission statements work as well for marriages as they do for businesses. The mission statement is what keeps our marriage glued together. As long as two people have the same mission, their purpose in their marriage moves forward, stays exciting with the new ideas ahead, and keeps the marriage strong. Stephen’s and my mission statement is to help as many people become fulfilled, successful and flourishing in all aspects of their life.

The married life of an entrepreneur is not easy, but it is exciting. Remember to always have trust in one another, set aside time for each other, and have a mission statement. Unlocking these three keys will keep your marriage exciting and strong.


Angela Dela Cruz


Angela Dela Cruz is a Realtor in California. She is also CO CEO of Stegela where she operates alongside her husband, Stephen Dela Cruz,  10 corporations.
She went to Bethany University in Santa Cruz, CA. She received her bachelors degree in Church leadership with the emphasis of music.
She is in the final edits of writing her first book. She is also in the process of competing in her first women’s fitness competition. You can follow her on Facebook under her name, Angela Dela Cruz.