3 Keys to Leveling Up Your Life Through Your Tribe


Meet Casey Nicole Fox, the editor-in-chief of Life By Design magazine. She has a story like no other. Coming from a one stoplight town, Casey grew up in circumstances that created so many limiting beliefs. From a young age Casey was physically, emotionally, and sexually abused, leaving her feeling alone, broken, and worthless. When Casey got the chance, she moved to California to be with a boy she thought she loved. This, Casey says, is the best worst decision of her life. After finally getting out of that abusive relationship Casey was left working four day jobs to pay off the debt she had accumulated. One of her jobs was personal assisting for a young entrepreneur couple and from there she discovered the power of mentorship. Now, Casey runs ten seven figure corporations, as well as four businesses of her own.

Casey found that the number one thing that impacted her growth was her circle of influence. While she was stuck working four day jobs, she was around people that were in the same mindset as her. They thought that the only way to pay off their bills was to work more. But once Casey discovered the world of entrepreneurship and passive income, she would begin to learn there was another way. Today, Casey wants to share the three main keys that she looks for in her circle of influence, and how you can use these keys to help build your circle of influence. 

1. Find Mentors

The first thing Casey needed to find was someone who was where she wanted to go. When Casey found her tribe, it started with two young millionaires that were building a photography company. This couple built passive income businesses and they taught Casey the way to have excellence in everything she does.

As she learned where this couple had gone, and how they built their companies, she could then implement the same system and build her own. Having someone that has gone where you want to go, will help you see the blind spots that would normally stop you from being successful. You see, you don’t know what you don’t know, but someone who has already traveled that path can show you what you don’t know. 

2. Choose Your Circle Wisely

Casey likes to find people that have different strengths than she has. She is a very driven and organized person, but being an introvert, networking and being in large crowds are a little out of her comfort zone. This is why some of Casey’s tribe members are extreme extroverts.

Having these kinds of people around, help Casey get out of her shell, whether she wants to or not. When you are building your tribe it’s often easier to connect with people that have similar strengths as you. One thing to really consider when you are picking your tribe is what are some key things in your life that you would like to improve on. Just like any skill in life, you can learn new behaviors, and build your weaknesses into strengths.

3. Choose Hand Ups

The last thing Casey makes sure she has in her tribe is people that will be there to support her! There are many different levels of support. It could be someone that pushes you, someone that comforts you, or someone who just listens when you need an ear. Whatever you need in terms of support, having people around you that will support you and being there for you is pertinent to your survival.

Humans are social creatures, which means we have certain emotional needs that have to be met for us to work more productively. Think back to a time when you were having a rough day. Now, when you have someone to help you through that time, don’t you find yourself being more productive, growing more, and working through it faster? This is because it’s much easier to work through emotions with someone than on your own. So no matter what level of support you need in your life, find people that will be there for you when you need support.

Finding your tribe is something that will help push you to the next level of success! They say if you hang around five millionaires you will be the sixth. This principle is true in every area of your life, so whatever your goals may be, find a tribe that will support your goals and help you reach your success!


Casey Nicole Fox is an author, speaker, podcaster, and serial entrepreneur. Casey is the CEO and Editor-In-Chief of Life By Design Entrepreneur Lifestyle Magazine, San Diego’s ONLY print entrepreneurship magazine. She has four for-purpose businesses while also being the COO of the 8 figure empire of Stegela Partners International Incorporated, the umbrella company of Stegela Success Mastery. 

In three short years, starting at 20 years old, Casey went from having four day-jobs (and a negative bank balance) to owning four thriving businesses. Today Casey manages over 34 million in gross company assets annually as well as helps Success Circle which is a mastermind Voted "San Diego's #1 Business Coaching and Mastermind Program" grow and thrive. Casey is a mentor and a leader who emphasizes the need to give back as an entrepreneur. 

Casey Nicole Fox has written three books and featured in two additional books. Her journey through physical, sexual, and mental abuse, being put in a mental institution, in the foster care system, and surviving in addition to self-mutilation all as a child and young adult has fueled her passion for changing the world and helping as many people as possible.

Her vision in life is to help children in the foster care system have better lives and better education and also to build up more entrepreneurs around the world and especially in San Diego, CA where she currently resides.


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