3 Meal Courses to Building a Strong Foundation


Every relationship starts with a meal. Whether you are trying to win that sexy girl or close that business deal, you have to bring in food to the table. Why you may ask? It is because food is sexy. If you want to build a strong foundation, you have to put your best spoon and fork, err I meant foot, forward.

So how exactly can a meal help you build a foundation and achieve success?

1. Be as Interesting and Tempting as an Appetizer

Just like its name, appetizer appeals to your appetite. As the first food presented in your meal, it should be tempting enough to make you grab a pepperoni pizza roll even though you vowed to yourself a week ago to go full vegan.

Just like an irresistible appetizer, you should create a strong and positive impression. Show them a glimpse of your interesting personality. Initiate a conversation and get to know each other. Give little hints here and there of what you can offer.

Never underestimate the power of an appetizer. It can make or break your date. If you offer a lousy appetizer, you might end up eating your meal alone because your date had to make up a lame excuse that her cat is ill and had to go home. Just remember first impressions are important and you have to stay memorable.

2. Never Hold Back on the Main Course

So, you served an appealing appetizer and charmed the other party.

Don’t drop the ball by serving a mediocre main course. Remember, the main course represents all those late nights planning a strategy. It’s the perfect opportunity to put all your hard work in action.

You may have charmed the other party on appetizer but it’s your main course that will convert that interest into a business partnership.

Don’t serve an undercooked steak. Instead, present a plate of juicy, succulent and perfectly cooked three-inch filet mignon with potatoes, green beans and corn with lemon-brown butter dressing on the side.

I mean, I don't know about you but there’s no way I would say no to that.

3. Seal the Deal with the Sweetest Dessert

All great meals end with a remarkable dessert.

Complete the gastronomic experience by serving an insanely decadent dessert. It’s the main course that may have signed the deal but it’s the dessert that will seal the impression and develop loyalty. It’s what will keep them coming back and use your service again and again.

Good food begets a strong foundation. So, if you want to create a relationship built on a strong foundation, serve a mouth-watering appetizer, send them to taste heaven with a satisfying main course and seal the meal experience with unforgettable dessert. Just remember to always have a strong call to action.

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Yoichi J. Kato aka “Chef Yum Yum” is your new favorite Chef! Not only does Yoichi provide private chef services but he is also the founder of Sexy Meal Preps, Meal Prep service in San Diego. He specializes is healthy food that is delicious, flavorful, and mouthwatering that does not taste like cardboard. He is known as the Magic Johnson of Networking because he is always connecting people and value. Not only is he an amazing Chef but he is also is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and a Veteran of United States Navy. Yoichi loves to help others and see them thrive.

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