3 Secret Sauce Keys to Success


A country fried pork chop may fill your hungry stomach but adding cream gravy sauce to it elevates it from plain to mouth-watering dish. Adding sauce may only require few additional ingredients but it's so powerful in transforming a boring dish and making it stand out amongst other foods served on the table.

If you want to stand out from the plethora of thriving entrepreneurs, you must add sauce to your performance. Making that extra step can certainly take you to places. Below is the three-secret sauce that you must add to your ingredients if you want to hold that flag at the end of the line.

Be Passionate About What You Do

They say if you love what you do, you'll never work a day in your life.

This is absolutely true. If you're truly dedicated and passionate at what you do, you wouldn't feel tired or burned out. Meeting clients and managing your team may just feel like a walk in the park if you love every second of it. If you don't love what you do, you may also feel like you are walking in a park - but it’s a Jurassic Park. Being terrified that a Tyrannosaurus Rex would take you any minute is not something that you look forward to.

Learn how to love your job. Take a minute to really enjoy it. Amazing ideas come from a mind that is motivated and inspired.

Stop Procrastinating

A lot of us are guilty of this negative trait.

I have loads of paperwork to finish but I've been putting it off because the Night King and his tribe of dead warriors are marching to Winterfell. I certainly wouldn't want to miss how Arya saved everyone when she stuck that blade to the Night King (Oops, spoilers!), would I?

While it's absolutely okay to de-stress and binge-watch all of the episodes of Game of Thrones, what is not okay is putting more important matters on hold because you just don't feel like doing them.

Stop procrastinating and get off the couch. There's no better time of starting to reach out your dreams than today.

Build Your Connection

You can't have a heartful buffet with just one dish.

It's also the same with your business. You can't build an empire by yourself. You would need a marvelous team and a remarkable connection. So showcase a friendly smile and do that firm handshake to every person you meet.

Take every opportunity to build that connection. Every people you meet may turn out to be a loyal customer or a clever business partner.

Don't be that plain old pork chop. Throw in some mouth-watering sauce and start reaping the fruit of your hard work.

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Yoichi J. Kato aka “Chef Yum Yum” is your new favorite Chef! Not only does Yoichi provide private chef services but he is also the founder of Sexy Meal Preps, Meal Prep service in San Diego. He specializes is healthy food that is delicious, flavorful, and mouthwatering that does not taste like cardboard. He is known as the Magic Johnson of Networking because he is always connecting people and value. Not only is he an amazing Chef but he is also is an author, speaker, serial entrepreneur, and a Veteran of United States Navy. Yoichi loves to help others and see them thrive.

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