3 Steps to Keep the Marriage Strong

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Did you know you could have a successful marriage and amazing business with your partner at the same time? Word on the street says that’s a recipe for disaster, especially if you already have a few challenges. But, we are living proof that with the right attitude, commitment, and coaching, you can actually strengthen your marriage and have a great business. I’m not going to lie, there were some pretty challenging times in the growth process, but we are determined to become a power couple in business and in love.

Here are three tips you can use that help us. I hope they help you, too.

First: Divide the Responsibilities

When we decided to open a home daycare, we realized it was going to entail a lot of work. At first we each tried to have our hands in everything and we stepped on each other’s toes, A LOT.

When we purchased the house, we decided it would be best for each of us to focus on our individual core strengths. Mine is admin, so I tackled the paperwork and tasks necessary for the licensing and my hubby is extremely handy so he tackled the needed repairs and maintenance to the home and upkeep of the garden. With clear responsibilities, communication is much better and we get a lot more accomplished.

Second: Communicate Regularly

To keep things flowing, it is important to keep the lines of communication open and to listen to each other. This was not easy at first because we both are strong-minded and think our idea or way of doing things is better. We used to talk over each other and did not listen effectively. Very frustrating.

One day we realized, “Hey, this isn’t working” and asked ourselves, “What can we do to make it better?” We agreed to stop talking so much and instead to listen to one another, pay attention and don’t interrupt when someone is talking. Hmmm, reminds me of childhood. Funny thing is, most of the things we were saying were exactly the same. Imagine how much smoother the conversations flow now that we actually listen to hear and understand.

Third: Give the Benefit of the Doubt

When you work so closely with your spouse in business, the lines can become blurred between business partner and life partner. Sometimes things we say as a business partner are inappropriate to say to a spouse and vice versa. We’ve had many times where I or my husband were on the receiving end of that “what did you just say” sideways look. We’ve learned to step back and not react immediately, but to ask for clarification.

Most of the time it is a simple misunderstanding. But if it isn’t just a simple misunderstanding, we are much better at separating for a little while until we cool off, then then we come back together and forgive each other. That right there has been our saving grace.

Hopefully these tips will help you keep your marriage strong and your business prosperous.


Denise Davis


Denise Davis is a best-selling author, speaker, founder of That’s It! A Personal Touch and Co-Founder of Growing With Grace Family Daycare. Denise lives in San Diego with her husband, Richard, and they are students of Stegela Success Mastery.