3 Things That Will Elevate Your Brand


1. Relevance

In today’s day and age, relevance is crucial. You could offer the best and coolest service, but if it isn’t relevant, people will pass it by. We live in a time of rapid trend changes. We get a new meme every week, three new viral videos and a few new popular sound bites. If we look at YouTube, one of the first categorized set of videos are trending ones. To grow your business and brand you must constantly stay up to date with these things. The more people can relate to your brand the easier it will be for your brand to gain traction.

2. Convenience

This is commonly overlooked in any business. Unfortunately, we don’t exist in an era when people will gladly stop for anything that’s longer than one minute to hear what you have to say. It doesn’t matter if what you have to offer is legitimately life changing. If it takes too long or is too complicated to get through, you’ve lost interest and a customer.

In light of keeping things RELEVANT, we can observe this element through the means of the internet. As an entrepreneur with many friends that have tried or currently have online stores, the most common thing I see is a busy website. It takes approximately 7 seconds to gain or lose someone’s interest and only 2 seconds to completely overwhelm someone. Yes, that’s not a lot of time.

First and foremost you never want to overwhelm a potential customer. How does one avoid this? Visual cues, catchy sounds, and genuinity. In a time when people are entirely fascinated by memes, I can’t stress enough how important this isn’t needed. Rule of thumb: IF YOU CAN MAKE A MILLENNIAL LOOK TWICE; THEY’LL BUY THRICE!

In the world of the internet it is also important to have an easy to navigate website. No one likes feeling lost so always make navigation easy for your customers. On top of it all BE GENUINE IN YOUR APPROACH. Absolutely no one enjoys feeling like they are being sold to. Be confident that what you have is great and make sure to really highlight the value it could bring to their life!

3. Accept Yourself

This concept may not sound “businessy,” but this may be the most important part of business. I’ve seen my fair share of entrepreneurs that just can’t seem to catch a break. It’s not because their service isn’t bad or that they lack convenience and relevance. It’s actually because they subconsciously stray from the big picture. This is due to focusing too much on the past and some aspects of the present. Clarity is important in any business, but it is equally, if not more, important outside of it as well.

Why should anyone trust you to keep their house clean if you can’t keep yours clean? Being an entrepreneur doesn’t mean you put on your entrepreneur hat and then taking it off once it’s closing time. It means everyday is a journey to build a more solid you. It’s great to serve others, but serve yourself, too. It’s something we all forget until it’s too late. Any issues that you face, face them head on. Never put things on the backburner to handle later. Be honest with yourself and remove anything from your life that isn’t sustaining your well-being in one way or another.

Keep your money, mindset, and morals in check at all times and success will be yours. If it were easy, everyone would be doing it and if you ever feel down on yourself because you feel like you’re not progressing, find my contact information on this page and let’s see what you’re truly made of!

Be good to yourself and to those around you. Keep hustling!

Najja Gandy


Author: Najja Gandy

Website: facebook.com/najja.gandy