3 Tips for Getting Into Flow When You Are Feeling Out of Flow

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It's 6:00 a.m. Your alarm just went off and you hit the snooze button (for the 3rd time - your personal daily allowable limit). You have a business meeting at 7:30 that can literally change your life, but you really don’t feel like getting up. Your brain knows what you “need” to do, but your body doesn’t feel like doing it. You are out of flow and you know you need to get back into it to land that client.

When we are “in flow,” we are in a state of mind that allows us to:

  1. set clear and concise goals;

  2. remain focused for longer periods of time (which is vital to us squirrel brained entrepreneurs);

  3. have a feeling of serenity and peace;

  4. experience timelessness (time seems to stand still and we lose track of time); and

  5. embrace feelings of personal control over our situation.

So, when we are out of flow, how can we get back into flow to experience all the enjoyment of being in flow?

Check it out. Here I list 3 tips that will help you get back into the flow game and achieve the success you so badly crave.

STEP 1 Recognize You Are Out of Flow

This may seem obvious, but this step is crucial. When you have tasks that must be completed by a certain time of day or by a certain week and you are out of flow, you are less likely to achieve success.

Like the example above, you know you have a meeting at 7:30, but you aren’t taking the necessary steps to get yourself to that meeting on time. Recognize the fact that you aren’t doing what needs to be done, then take the next step, Step 2.

STEP 2 Remember Your Why and Get Your Head Back In the Game

What is your why? Why are you attending this meeting? Is it to put your child through college, to buy a new house, to live a life of abundance, to have food to eat? What is your why? Remind yourself of your why, then pick yourself up and do what you need to do to fulfill it.

If you aren’t sure what your why is, find someone who can help. Reach out to me if you don’t have anyone in your life who can help you figure it out. Since I figured out my why, I have been more focused than ever before.

STEP 3 Get Moving and Create Your Flow State of Mind

It’s now 6:01. Remind yourself what it is you need to do and get your ass out of bed. This meeting could literally change your life and you are wasting time in bed. You must be “in action” (not inaction) to get the results you want. Once you get out of bed, keep reminding yourself of your why and let that be the driving force that gets you what it is you are looking for.

You have experienced being in flow and know how amazing it is, so make every effort to spend as much time in flow as you possibly can. You are in charge of your mind; don’t let it be in charge of you.

Now that you’re back in your flow state of mind, go get ‘em. You got this.

Lynda West


Being a woman who grew up in an abusive environment and having been previously married to an abusive man, I know the feeling to not have a voice. As I began my journey to find my voice, I realized I always had one. Through the discovery of my voice, I noticed how much of an impact I made. Utilizing all of my personal development experiences, I want to help people become influencers and leaders in their field to make an even greater impact on those they serve. 

Living Live helps you find YOUR voice. Our course of empowerment can enhance your skills to help reach your fullest potential in a short period of time. Living Live offers one-on-one engagement and provides exercises to help you achieve your mission in life. You will receive additional support through our Facebook Group community and together we will make an even greater impact on the world.