3 Tips to Build Confidence for Intro-preneurs


Have you ever felt a lack of confidence in yourself or your abilities? Sometimes it's because of overestimating others and then sometimes it’s because we underestimate ourselves. It’s actually quite common and affects you whether you’re an introvert or not. Below are three exercises that have helped me increase my confidence that may work for you.


The first step is affirmations, but it’s done with a twist. I’ve practiced this for a long time and have reaped a ton from this exercise. Look into the mirror and stare into your own eyes. Now say the affirmations while looking yourself in the eye. This exercise may seem strange, but I can attest to the benefits as it’s helped me in speaking, dating, and being more awesome when needed. Look into the mirror and affirm the things you want to happen, or what you want out of yourself. Consistently perform this every day, and you’ll notice a mental shift on the areas you’re working on.


The second step is to visualize. In addition to affirmations, practice seeing yourself possessing confidence. Visualize how you would act, how you would talk, what is the tone in which you would speak, how would you dress, and how do you carry yourself. Visualize the small details to make it more real. Who are you talking to, what do you feel, what do you hear and what do you see? There’s been many books and articles written showing that our subconscious cannot tell the difference between what is real or not and that it will accept the information we provide it. In this case, we are feeding it confidence and utilizing our different senses to make it more real.

Face Your Fears

The last step is to pick one thing you’re afraid of and keep doing it. Journal what you did that day, and how it made you feel. You will want to review this journal on a monthly basis to see the progression you’ve made. The important thing is to stay consistent and to practice what you’re afraid of as much as possible. You’ll see the things you are most fearful of typically never happen and it’s never as bad as you imagine it. In time what once crippled you in fear will be nothing more than a thought. As you see yourself conquering your fears, you’ll gain more confidence in yourself and your abilities.

That’s it folks, nothing fancy here. These practices are very easy to implement, but also very easy not to do. Stay consistent and do them daily for 30 days and watch as your confidence grows.



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