3 Ways to Start-Up a Business


1. Passion-Based

So what does it mean to find your passion? A passion is something that you hold close to you that you can and WANT to share with people around you. I’ve come across many businessmen and women who swear insurance is their passion. No matter how convincing that line comes across, it is not true. A passion is something that you carry with you that brings YOU joy. My passion is music, more specifically piano. This is something that I do that truly intrigues me due to the limitless combination of sounds and styles.

2. Observe and Surround (non-passion based)

Businesses don’t NEED to be passion-based. Many people have made quite the living off of doing something they’ve observed to be very successful. This type of business starts out by first observing and finding what you can do or learn. Just by observing you can easily find your space for potential.

Some people are great at creating more efficient systems for something that already exists, i.e., the discover bikes that became available a few years ago. At the time that was an exciting and brilliant idea but someone saw that there was a significant flaw in the design of the concept. Thus the yellow bikes were created. These bikes don’t need to be parked at a designated docking area and are vastly cheaper and more readily available to the public. They took the idea and revamped it to better serve the public in almost every way to the point that the discover bikes have significantly lost popularity.

3. Look and Listen

This one can be easily mistaken for a passion-based business. If neither of the two above work for you this one is a great way to start your journey and it’s always closer than you think.

People have been telling you the same thing your entire life by highlighting a particular aspect in you that they respect and up until now you’ve probably been sweeping it under the rug. Now it’s time to LISTEN.

As an example, people have been telling me two things my entire life. One that I’m a great musician and that I am great at understanding people (mainly kids). What did I do? Once I decided to stop sweeping these comments under the metaphorical rug, I decided to open up a school to teach music. This is something that can be done if you have a tangible skill ready to go and ready to finally make its debut.

In the end, anyone can do anything they want. It just takes the right positioning and an honest heart to make it something you can earn money doing. Always go into any business venture with the intention to provide value. Selfishness yields slower results. Be true to yourself and be great to those around you. People will notice the person before they notice the business.


Najja Gandy


Author: Najja Gandy

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