4 Simple Lessons to Starting Your Entrepreneurial Journey


Starting something new in the business space doesn’t necessarily have to be a new business or idea, but can be a starting something new that leads you on a direction or path towards a new goal or mission. See, I never sought out to be an entrepreneur but started to find myself in a position of un-fulfillment; I still wasn’t sure what that path looked like as a new potential career or what my first steps would be.  

Along with my journey as an entrepreneur, I have come across a few tips and tricks that would have been helpful to me coming into the entrepreneurial space. These days it seems everyone wants to become an entrepreneur. They intend to come up with the ‘next best thing’ or ‘next big idea,’ but when they fail to calculate and to decide what that could be. Here are some simple lessons that you need to take the forefront of that journey!  

1. Never Stop Networking

One of the first things I learned from someone that was very successful in the field I wanted to transition to was the power of networking. Now I am not talking about the, "Here is my business card and buy from me networking." I am talking about, "Value-added networking" What can you provide for others to build their brand, image, and business? Build your network before you need it, quality relationships are going to be the key to future success.

2. Take Risks and Be Happy with The Failures

Business, life, development, and growth; All of these things revolve around a little something called action and action doesn’t come without some risks. Not everything you put your mind to will work out on day one, let alone be guaranteed to work out at all. However, accepting that failure is part of the process and journey will ensure that you stay focused on the end goal in mind.  

3. Don’t Worry About Your Wallet

I think this is one of the most important ones in my opinion, especially in my industry. I constantly hear from people who say they want to make an additional stream of income but don’t want to have to spend any money to do so. While it is possible to bring in an additional income stream without spending money, a majority of successful people spend money on things that are going to make them income over just liabilities.  

4.  Learn How to De-Stress and Not Sweat The Small Stuff

I cannot tell you how much more fulfilled I was when I started to not sweat the small things in life. When I began to break down the things that were stressing me out and finding a different way to look at the stressful situation at hand I was able to let go of the burdens that were ultimately holding me back.  

Being an entrepreneur is something that has become one of the most fulfilling things for me, but it all started with steps that allowed me to ‘start-up’ my startup. I can't say that doing these steps will guarantee your success, but it may alleviate some of the stressors and allow you to be more prepared and open-minded for the road to come. Just remember a comfort zone is a beautiful place, but nothing will grow there.


Jonathan Anderson Ingebrigtsen

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If Jonathan Anderson-Ingebrigtsen could have any dream it would be that people spend more time making fun and quirky memories while seeing the world around them.  Life is too short to wait till tomorrow or live life on a some-day mentality.
He comes from the structured world of corporate HR and company cultural redesign and made the transition to a life that allowed him to become a Travel Blogger and Real Estate professional serving our Veteran Community while Living Full Time!
When he is not traveling around the world or helping his clients find their dream home, he loves parading around the house dancing to music, networking and developing others to help them reach their full potential, all-while munching on sour-gummies of all kinds.