4 Simple Steps From A Musician to Own Your Stage & Overcome Fear


1. Make a Choice to Believe This is Something YOU Can Conquer

As a musician, there came a time where we made a choice to conquer fear and hit the stage. We all fear but we have to choose if this is something you are going to linger on or move past. You have to see that your fear is making you lose money. Even your mentor can give you calculated advice that will seem like a risk but garner success. However, if you have fear, you will always see everything as a risk that isn’t in your favor. Your fear is your wall, and you have to start to find deciding if you are going to look at the wall or figure out a way to climb over it

2. Surround Yourself With Those Who Are Great in an Area That You're Fearful In

-As a musician it’s great to have a circle with those who have more experience then you to give feedback about your playing and onstage presence.

- Are you afraid of public speaking? Afraid of rejection? Or even afraid of walking up to a stranger at an event? Well, start surrounding yourself with people who are confident at those things. Take them out for lunch and pick their brains. You will see what they do and take steps to imitate them at first. As you grow your relationship with them, you can get feedback, and soon you will realize that it’s all about concepts. With these concepts, you will be able to mold your personality into the mix. You need people in your life who challenge you. Going to a Stegela mixer is a great way to meet people who are on the same boat as you.

3. Realize What You Lack In and Exercises Those “scale.”

-Every musician has had exercise to better their playing style.

In music we call these runs or licks, they are specific notes we play over and over again until they sound clear and crisp. We all have something we lack in. Yes, you might be great at managing your business, but maybe you are bad at your sales pitch. Or it can be public speaking where you talk about your business. Well, go to an entrepreneur speaking practice sessions where you can be giving feedback. Stegela has this once a month. Find one around your city or do it around business people equal to you and then your mentors.

4. Get Ready to Face The Stage

-Once you've followed the previous steps to conquer, its time to hit the big stage. By now you have built comfort in places where you had fear because you have been following the previous steps. You own your business but lack sales skills? Well, its time to make an actual sales pitch. You make the pitch, and they can be there to fill in the holes and give feedback after. Do you lack being able to public speak? It's time to book at a speaking event where you will get paid. Afraid of approaching strangers? It's time to go to mixers, connect with people, and stay in touch with them to convert into a sales or build your network where you and your business are talked about in a positive light.

If you need help with a sales pitch, public speaking, building your network check out a free session with Stephen Dela Cruz, the owner of Stegela Success Mastery.

Jony Cruz

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