5 Affirmations for Overcoming Failure


The story of Thomas Edison failing thousands of times before “discovering” the light bulb is often cited when talking about failure. But did you know that the idea and even creation of an electric light existed almost 80 years before he made his breakthrough? In fact, there were actually multiple inventors before Edison who worked on developing light bulbs, so what made Edison special? Edison failed faster.

Edison’s goal was to create a light bulb that would last long enough and be cheap enough to be commercially viable. He and his team tried and “failed” with over 3,000 designs in less than 2 years before they developed a light bulb that could last over 1,200 hours and was affordable to the masses. In just 2 years, he did what others hadn’t been able to do for almost 80 years and he did it through failure.

Here are five affirmations you can practice each day to develop the ability to overcome failure faster. When saying these affirmations, follow these four easy steps to get the most out of each day:

1. Stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes, and take a deep cleansing breath.

2. Open your eyes and look deeply into your own eyes through the mirror.

3. While seeing yourself, let any negative self beliefs fall away, leaving behind only the feeling of unconditional love and appreciation.

4. Speak out loud each affirmation five times, using your own name each time, building in confidence each time you say it. (For example “Dave, you have and will continue to fail.”)

You Have and Will Continue to Fail - Overcoming failure starts with acknowledging and accepting it. We have all failed in the past and will continue to fail in the future and that is OK. Failure is a good thing.

You Respond Positively When You Fail - How you choose to respond to failure ultimately determines the effect that failure has on you. When you choose to respond positively to failure you open yourself up to the possibility of learning from it.

You Learn From Your Failures - When you fail, always ask why with the intent to understand. When you learn from your failure, you can apply what you learned and change for the better.

You Grow From Your Failures - Every failure gives you the opportunity to change and grow and become a better you. When you apply what you have learned you are taking an active step in improving who you are.

You Always Try New Things - When you are always willing to try new things, then you will always be moving forward. Failure is always positive if you use it to push yourself to try again.

Practice these affirmations daily and soon you will be failing faster and achieving greater things.

Dave Evans