5 Affirmations For Self Love

21-23 september 2018 | Jenna Lane missouri | www.girlsgetaway.com-10.png

It’s February, the month of love and romance. You’ve gone out and invested your time and money to show your love and appreciation for those you care about. But what have you done to show your love and appreciation for yourself?

Oftentimes we invest in loving others in hopes that they will return it because we feel the need to be loved back. Self-love is arguably the most important love of all, and when you truly love and accept yourself, you won’t need love from others. This in turn will allow you appreciate any love that is given to you that much more.

Here are five self-love affirmations that you can practice daily during the month of February to help you develop more love and acceptance of yourself. When saying these affirmations, follow these four easy steps to get the most out of each day:

1.     Stand in front of a mirror, close your eyes, and take a deep cleansing breath.

2.     Open your eyes and look deeply into your own eyes through the mirror.

3.     While seeing yourself, let any negative self-beliefs fall away, leaving behind only the feeling of unconditional love and appreciation.

4.     Speak out loud each affirmation five times, using your own name each time, building in confidence each time you say it. (For example “Dave, I Love You”)

I Love You - All Love starts with loving yourself. Love yourself for all that you have been, for all that you are, and for all that you will be.

You Are Healthy and Strong - A healthy and strong body starts with the mind. Believe that you are healthy and strong and that all the cells in your body are always working towards increasing your health and strength.

You Are Beautiful - Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. See and accept your own beauty and see your confidence grow with each day.

I Forgive You - All forgiveness starts with forgiving yourself. Forgive yourself for any mistakes you think you have made, for any wrongs you think you have committed, for any negative thoughts you have ever had.

You Are Worthy - Your worth starts with your belief. When you believe you are worthy, you will start acting like you are worthy and others will notice and believe you are worthy.

Practice these affirmations daily and soon you will believe in and love yourself.

Dave Evans