5 Ingredients To Create The Fabulous Recipe of You


"A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring the soul." Unknown

Every person is made up of a blending of ingredients that create who we are. And although those ingredients tend to be the same, they come in different proportions. The only difference between you and me is the individual soul that we bring to our recipe.

Each and every one of us contains a multitude of ingredients, but just as with most recipes, 5 main ingredients make up the base of every person. These base ingredients are personality, initiative, self-discipline, vision, and habits.


Our personalities are derived from what we choose to put out in the world. Yes, some of it comes from the genes we are born with and our experiences in life, but the most substantial portion of this ingredient comes from who we choose to be. How we choose to present ourselves - the words we use, the body language we have, the tone of voice we speak with – is our greatest asset and liability. The attitude you communicate with others will tell more about you than anything else you do.


Initiative is the power you put forth to complete that which you start. The initiative that you put forward in life will be the most significant factor in how far you go. You can choose to do no more than what is asked of you or you can choose to go the extra mile and do more than anyone else. People that do well in life are those that choose to do that which has not been asked. By choosing to be the person who always goes that extra mile, you bring advancement, attention, and opportunity to yourself.


Self-discipline, or self-control, is the taking of control over your thoughts and emotions and directing your destiny. It is the only thing that any one person has absolute complete and utter control over. We have the power to choose what our feelings, thoughts, and actions will be. Take control of those, and you will take control of your life and dictate what your destiny will be.


Vision is what you focus on. It is the act of fully coordinating the powers of your mind toward the attainment of one particular objective. Once you choose to control what you focus on, you will start to see things align in your life – it's as if it's magic. What you think on, you bring to you. What you think you are, you are. Take control over what you focus on and draw what you want into your life.


You are where you are, and you are what you are because of your habits. Determine if your habits are in alignment of who you want to be and what you want to have. We, humans, are the only living creatures equipped with freedom of choice. This freedom of choice is where we establish our thoughts and behaviors. You have the power to change bad habits and to choose good habits. Change what needs to be changed to obtain what it is you want.

You already have all of these ingredients, as well as many more. The question is, what kind of soul are you going to bring to the recipe of you.




Janine Holman is a freelance writer, photographer, and travel blogger - founder of Life Beyond Awesome – a site of travel journeys for adventurers, foodies, and lovers of luxurious things.  Her stories cover both local and international travel and focus on diving into cultures and communities and the people who make them thrive.  She invests time in learning how to best travel on a dime – being money smart and maximizing travel dollars while still enjoying the luxurious side of life (spas, restaurants, quaint places to stay, etc.).  Janine covers all kinds of topics and is known for being adventurous, enjoying the outdoors, and embarking down the path less traveled.  Most of all Janine enjoys sharing her life’s adventures and showing others how they too can design a Life Beyond Awesome.