5 Leadership Tips for Intro-prenuers


Many times we entrepreneurs are the leader for our team or project. This can sometimes be challenging if you’re an introvert, as that is not usually a natural trait. At least that’s how the public may perceive it. As introverts, we have natural leadership abilities that others may not possess. Below are 5 quick tips on how we can use introversion to benefit our team.

Lead by Example

Introverts typically don’t speak loudly in front of everyone. However, there are still other ways to communicate effectively. One of the biggest things we can do is to lead by example. As we have all heard and seen, do not tell me what to do, show me what to do. It’s much more powerful if you do what you are asking of those around you and doing it at a high level. People are more likely to follow a leader as opposed to a dictator that just tells them what to do while they sit there twiddling their thumbs.

Good Listener

Introverts tend to be natural listeners. Listening is a great quality in leaders as it shows you care and that others matter to you. We don’t just spout off advice or answers to sound intelligent, but we speak from the heart after we’ve listened to your concerns. The most important part is that we first listen intently, ask questions to clarify and understand the meaning, then respond based on the input that we received.

Take Time to Reflect

You don’t always have to make quick, impulsive decisions. When the stakes are high and the outcome affects all those around you, take time to weigh the pros and cons of each decision. Make an informed decision, not one based on your emotion in the spur of the moment.

Let the Team Know What the Expectations Are

It doesn’t matter if you’re a private company or a Fortune 500 company. The only way to measure progress and see growth is to first define what the outcome is. You as the leader must define the expectations for those around you. Once goals are established, you must also inspect what you expect. Check in to make sure progress is being made in accordance to expectations.

Open Communication

In order for any team to achieve its goals, it is imperative that the line of communication is open. Give your team different channels to communicate and express concern or questions. Some may choose to email, others to meet privately and some through a group meeting. This will show your team you care, and if you care they are more likely to care.

There you have it, 5 simple tips on being an effective leader as an introvert!



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