5 Little-Known Secrets to Gain Freedom from Bad Habits

5 Little-Known Secrets to Gain Freedom from Bad Habits


Do you have any bad habits you want to break? 

Have you ever wondered why it is so darn hard to change a habit, even the ones you WANT to? 

For example, when I’m doing keynote presentations or leading my Freedom Lifestyle Experience Transformational Summits around the world, I often ask my audiences, “How many people here procrastinate?” 

About half of the hands go up. The rest, of course, are waiting until later to raise their hands. (A little procrastination humor for you, there.)

Then I ask them, “How many people here think that procrastination is a GOOD habit?” Of course, no one raises their hands—because no one would argue that procrastinating is a GOOD habit!

The question, then, is NOT: “What habits should I change?” 

The REAL question is, “How can I change the habits I really want to, without driving myself crazy?” 

So with that in mind, here are 5 little-known secrets to gain freedom from bad habits…

Secret #1. Take 100% Responsibility For Your Life

The #1 trait of unsuccessful people is blaming everyone or everything else for their problems. 

Every one of us has had things happen to us that wasn’t “fair.” 

Every one of us has faced hardships that weren’t our fault. 

Every one of us has been treated poorly by people who should have known better.  

However, the minute you don’t take 100% response-ability for your life, you give up the ability to respond. 

That’s why, for the next 7 days, catch yourself every time you blame other people or outer circumstances for your situation. You’ll start to develop the habit of taking 100% responsibility, which means YOU have the ability to respond. 


Did you know that asking a new kind of question can immediately change your life?

In 1997, I invented The AFFORMATIONS® Method, and since that time, more than 500,000 people in 120 countries have used my simple 4-step method to make millions of dollars, rank advance, and change their lives in amazing ways. 

AFFORMATIONS (not “affirmations”) are empowering questions that immediately switch your subconscious thought patterns from negative to positive. 

Use AFFORMATIONS® to help you realize that

 you have more power than you think you have.

3. Give Yourself Permission to Succeed®

Are you driving down the road of life with one foot on the brake?

Give yourself Permission to Succeed®, meaning stop stopping yourself from reaching the level of success you’re capable of.

4. Get rid of your head trash about money.

There are two basic human beliefs: “I can,” and “I can’t.” 

Do you subconsciously believe you can’t be, do, or have the things you really WANT?

For the next 7 days, catch yourself every time you say, “I can’t do it because…” 

Because whether you believe you can or you believe you can’t, you’re going to make yourself RIGHT! 

5. Keep a Daily Gratitude Journal

Most people continually focus on the things they hate about their lives. 

What you focus on, grows. 

Instead, for the next 7 days, keep a Daily Gratitude Journal and list 5 things you’re grateful for each day. 

Because the more you focus on what you HAVE…

Noah St. John


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