5 Things To Add To Your Life

A Simple, Proven Path to Success

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I became a Best-Selling Author in 10 countries this year. But, why now? Why not 10 years ago

There are five very simple things that I added to my life this year that made it possible.

1. Celebration

As a kid, I remember how exciting celebrations and special occasions were. I waited all year for my birthday and Christmas! These last few years, I got to thinking, “what if we didn’t wait to celebrate?”

The moment I started to celebrate everything, unprecedented things started happening to me. Success started to find me, regularly. It’s become effortless. The only thing I changed was my perspective on what is celebration-worthy, and believe me, everything is.

2. Confidence

One of the unusual side-effects of increased celebration has been an increase in personal confidence. I’ve been bullied for the majority of my life. Confidence has been a struggle, and I know it’s a struggle for many (even those who pretend they have it all together).

In entrepreneurship, in particular, I’ve found that what I call comparanoia is insidious. Some so many people have seemed to figure it out online, and it’s very easy to fall into the trap of comparing ourselves against the success of others which leads to a breakdown in confidence. I didn’t let myself go down the road of comparanoia. I even put blinders on, so I could continue to focus on my own vision and mission, unapologetically.

What would become possible for your if you decided, right now, that you were just a little more confident?

3. Faith

A few years ago, as I was unloading groceries, 2 young men approached me on my driveway. They were Mormon missionaries. I asked them about their mission and what they were going to do afterwards. They said, “After our mission, we’ll go back home, get married and have a family.”

Their answer changed me.

They were so incredibly confident, unwavering in their faith, and most of all, I’ll never forget how free they were. Their freedom showed in the way they spoke, and in the kindness, they extended to others.

Faith provides freedom.

What do you believe?

Are you willing to believe in something so much that it gives you the freedom to achieve everything you want?

4. Commitment

You are messable. We all are. The moment something doesn’t go the way we’ve planned, or someone says something we don’t like, we’re thrown off course.

After studying amazing leaders, speakers, and visionaries for the last 26 years, I’ve come to learn this: the most extraordinary and successful individuals have unmessable commitment to their vision, mission, and message. Nothing stops them.

The moment I decided to make a commitment to myself, everything changed. Not only did things become clearer for me, but they also became clearer for those who watched me, and as a result, my business grew, exponentially.

Building a business, a brand, and a following takes time. Are you committed to putting in the time?

5. Urgency

In the smash hit musical “Avenue Q” there’s a song that talks about everything being for now. From your hair to the president, your job to your discomfort – everything really is just for now, and yet you lose valuable time obsessing over things that won’t get you closer to achieving your freedom.

A good friend of mine recently asked, “Davide, let’s get together...I don’t have a lot of time.” She’s been battling brain cancer.

It really hit me. How much more time will I waste? Will I wait until I have to say something similar

Now, I approach every day, every task, every conversation with urgency and people can feel it.

The most successful people in the world have a unique balance of all these elements. What will you add a little more of in your life to blaze your own trails of success and freedom?


Davide Di Giorgio is a best-selling author, keynote speaker, TEDx speaker coach, and leadership coach. As one of the world’s leading speaking experts, he’s worked with thousands of on-purpose speakers, performers, executives, and leaders across multiple industries for more than twenty-five years.

His philanthropic endeavor, Project UNx dares to tackle bullying and build confidence and self-esteem while funding dream projects for high school performing arts students.

Davide’s unapologetic approach has made him the go-to creative expert for on-purpose executives, entrepreneurs, and visionaries who want to become unstoppable global leaders. www.BeingUNapologetic.com