5 Tips to Hosting A Successful Mastermind


Masterminds are a great way to get to the bottom of a problem or come up with new ideas.

A mastermind is a brain trust of intelligent minds in one room all focused on one task or topic which can be ongoing or a one-time thing.

Ideas swirl around, and at the end, a consensus is found after everyone has shared questions, opinions, and data about the subject.

So what makes a successful mastermind possible?

Here are some points to keep in mind when planning a mastermind to maximize its success.

1. Create a Diverse Group

Have a variety of opinions and people of differing status, age and views to give an alternative perspective and to challenge others. Keep in mind that bigger isn't always better. The more people you have, the less time each person will have, and it is harder to stay on track.

2. Plan and Prepare

My favorite part! Structure how the event is going to run and who is going to be the person in charge. Divide the session up in time blocks for each subject, question or person.

Choose who is going to ensure that the time blocks are respected.

3. Break the Ice!

Some subjects that people want to get to the bottom of are not easy to talk about, which is why there is no clear answer. Have an icebreaker at the beginning to ease the tension. This can be a game or an adult beverage.

4. Privacy!

No phones is a great way to go! People will feel more at ease; if this is not available let your guests know that what is spoken about in the room stays there. This will allow your guests to speak honestly.

5. Summarize

Have one person take notes. At the close of the event, summarize the solutions that were given to the problem or hypothesis.

Send these in writing to the participants after the session.


Feedback! Request feedback from the group of pros & cons that they saw in the mastermind, as well as feedback on their overall experience.


Alexandria Tomayko

Alexandria Tomayko is  the Founder and Owner of Nomadic Planning. (www.nomadicplanning.com    -  nomadicplanning@gmail.com)After traveling the world and meeting different cultures, Alexandria realized that what crosses all barriers of language, race, and gender is the experience.Even though those are intimate and unique to each person, there is a collective experience and memory that is shared, talked about and remembered.She is an experienced planner who loves helping coaches and entrepreneurs share their knowledge and gifts by creating a unifying experience shared amongst her peers.