5 Tricks to Turn Your Business Up a Notch


Giving massages should be such an easy business. Everyone LOVES getting one, but studies have shown that only 19% of Americans have received a massage in the last year. When was the last time you received one?

Being successful in the massage industry ain’t easy, but it’s possible. Here are 5 tricks I use that have helped me grow my massage business.

Listen to Your Customers

Obvious advice, right? Not for me. I have a sarcastic voice in my head that labels advice from clients as ‘too much work’ or ‘not relevant.’ Knowing this voice exists and overriding it has improved my business in little ways that make a big difference.

A client recommended I use music in my treatment room, so I downloaded an app and now I use it in my studio and at clients’ homes. This one small change gives my customers a more upscale experience. Had I not listened to my customer, I might never have added this touch.

What tiny additions to your service can improve your clients’ experience?

What People ‘Think’ We Do and What We ‘Really’ Do

What you actually do and what people THINK you do are oftentimes different. This is a common challenge for many professions, including massage therapy, real estate, coaching, and financial services.

When giving your ‘elevator pitch,’ make sure it’s to the point and shares your specific expertise to dispel any preconceived ideas people might have about what you do.

For example, as a massage therapist, most people think that I give a ‘relaxing rub down,’ when, in reality, I provide lymphatic massage for clients to reduce swelling after plastic surgery and with a diagnosis of lymphedema or lipedema. I work with a specific group of people, so it’s important that I state that when giving my pitch so people know exactly who I help.

Ask yourself this question when creating your ‘elevator pitch’ so people will recommend you with confidence: “Who do I serve and how do they benefit from my product or service?”

Put Yourself Out There - Presentations

Have you ever felt nervous giving a presentation? When it happens to me I tell the little voice in my head that I’m doing it anyway. Sure enough, I’m always happy I attended.

I give presentations on women’s health issues and I have found that using plenty of visuals makes the talk seem more ‘fun.’ I also tell stories and bring recommended books and tools.

How can you use ‘show and tell’ to get your message across?

Put Yourself Out There - Networking

Not only do I feel nervous giving presentations, but I feel intimidated attending networking meetings. However, I think everyone who is attending is just as intimidated as me, so when I’m attending events like Life By Design’s monthly networking mixers, I walk right up to people and join the conversation.

How many opportunities are lost because we are too scared to say hi? Try it. It works.

Pay it Forward!

I hope these tips give you as much success as they have given me. If so, pass them on to your circle of business friends. Be sure to find me at the next networking mixer and let me know what has worked for you!

Kathleen Lisson