5 Ways to Face Your Fears & Attain Success


Do you feel like your fears, limiting beliefs, and apprehension are holding you back from an amazing life? Want to get out of your comfort zone and reach goals you never thought possible? Here are 5 ways you can face your fears and attain success.

1. Do what you fear and your fear will disappear. Do what you are most afraid of instead of overthinking it. Stop spending time doubting yourself or avoiding what you know you need to do. So many times we believe that we can’t do something or we won’t be good enough, when in fact those are just lies. Pastor Miles McPherson said, “Fear stands for False Evidence Appearing Real.” Fear is just a combination of lies that we believe to be true. We are afraid to face our fears because, in our mind, we create the worst possible outcome of what can happen if we do.

2. Overcome self-limiting beliefs. When you only believe that you can reach a certain goal, you limit yourself from reaching your full potential. I love how Grant Cardone mentions you should take your current goal and multiply it by 10; that way you are not limiting yourself to what you think you can accomplish, rather stretching yourself to reach a goal you never thought possible.

3. Stretch your mind to a new dimension, and it will never shrink back to its original form. When you reach a goal for the first time that you did not believe possible, you will never again believe that goal is not achievable. Your abilities are only limited by your mindset. When you believe in yourself and that you are capable of 10 times the amount that you think you are, reaching goals that you once thought were unattainable is now an attainable reality.

4. That which does not kill you makes you stronger. When you go through something traumatic, you can choose fear or you can choose courage. You can choose to retreat and live your life in fear of that trauma happening again or you can choose to find the strength to overcome it and allow it to be a testimony to change the lives of others.

5. When you run towards your fears, they get smaller. The more you face your fears, the smaller they become. Some people are terrified of networking. When you were younger, you were probably taught to never talk to strangers. As entrepreneurs, talking to strangers helps you to attain success, but requires you to step out of your comfort zone. As you continue to attend events and meet new people, your fear of it diminishes.

Do you know deep in your heart that if you could just face your fears that you would get so much further with your business? You have probably heard the popular quote that says “Magic happens outside of your comfort zone.”  So get out of your comfort zone, start facing your fears, and reach goals you never thought possible.

Lauren Aven


My name is Lauren B Aven. I am a wife, mother of 2 girls, high school teacher, and entrepreneur.  When I was introduced to network marketing in 2014 with Younique, I found a new and exciting way to make an even greater difference in the lives of others.  My life's mission is to uplift, empower, and validate women to look and feel beautiful and lead them to live the life they love.