7 Steps To Re-Creating Yourself


Life goes by fast, that is something no one can deny. We wait until the end of the year to make changes, and most people decide that December 31st is the day for balances and changes, new year, new dreams, new realities.

But, why should you wait so long? Why don’t you do some changes today that can literally enhance your life? Today is all you have! I dare you to recreate yourself.

Take the day off to be with yourself, make the proper arrangements to avoid all kind of distractions or worries by letting everybody know that you will not be available for calls or messages, you will be “off the radar.”  

Start the day by having a healthy and tasty breakfast. Remember to pay attention to what feels right for your body. You will need all your best energy for this day. It is all about you!

Look around your surroundings while you are eating, check every part with new eyes and ask yourself, how many of those things represent you? This is your home, does it feel like it? What would you like to change or add to make it feel more “yours”? Some small changes can make a big difference.

After finishing your breakfast, go to your bedroom and check your closet. Follow the same process, go through your clothes and ask yourself if those are in alignment with the image you want to show to the world. Maybe it’s time for a new style, maybe not, perhaps you want to try new colors, something completely different, or make some small changes. Remember that being an entrepreneur is also having the freedom to choose whatever you want. You don’t have to copy somebody else’s style; you have the power to create your own. Be daring, be unique. Show who you are.

Now you are ready to go out and face the day. What’s your favorite place to go? The beach? A hike to the mountains? The cinema? Shopping? Do what pleases you, what you enjoy the most by yourself. Once you are there, ask yourself again, if that is really what you like. I want you to challenge your believes every step of the way, to make sure you know what you want and who you truly are. You can recreate yourself as many times as you wish.

After lunch, take the afternoon to explore new possibilities, new styles, new ideas, new brands, new colors, new places. Maybe you can go to that place you always wanted to go but couldn't find the time. Perhaps you can just relax with your feet in the ocean and do nothing.

Stay with yourself all day long, and even if you are tempted to call a friend or maybe your family, take that whole day for you and you only. The world is a big place with endless possibilities; you are the sole creator of your life, this world was created for you. Take advantage of everything you have to offer. You are worth it! Make it with such a deep connection with your soul and heart true desires, that the ride called life to become a very happy and enjoyable one.

Sylvia Chavez


Let me introduce you to Sylvia Chavez, an Extraordinary Love Coach with over 15 years experience serving women all over the world. Sylvia has cracked the code for true and for ever lasting love. She believes you can write your own love story beyond your wildest dreams without settling for anything less than what your soul and heart truly desire.