A Great Year Starts With YOU!


“I can see clearly now the rain is gone!”  Oh man!! One of my favorite oldies ever, maybe it was the tune or just the message it brought.  We always hear the phrase the sun will come out after the rain, but in respect to our lives, how many people are stuck in the rainstorms and still seem to stay there, and be well, stuck? See within all of the things we deal with every day and in our lives, what ultimately is carrying you to the end and reaching your goals? This was the biggest question that I needed to answer for me to have a fresh start begin to unfold for me and change to start to take place in my life and it all started with VISION.  

I am a daydreamer through and through, but sometimes I think that is what makes some of the strongest people as visionaries in business and ultimately being successful.

You need to be able to visualize what you want and what the goals are that you are trying to reach! Here are a couple of tips on establishing a new vision for 2019 for yourself and getting you closer to that ultimate goal whatever that may be.  As soon as you have a vision you will no longer be stuck, and things will begin to shift, and you’ll get this fire inside you to make things happen.

First off you need to think about your story!! Where have you come from, what brought you there, what has made you unique and one of a kind? Then acknowledge that and focus on the path ahead, what does the future look like for you?  For me, my end story had time and money freedom to spend with my family and friends and helping others achieve the same. That was my end goal; I had that story created in my mind and so no matter what happened from here on out along this journey I know what my final destination would be.

Second, you need to decide who you want to become and declare it.  Writing a letter to your future self and talk about the accomplishments you want to achieve is paramount along with the relationships you want to form.  What is your salary or income in 5 years? Who are you with? Where are you? Five years from now you will be able to look back and evaluate where you wanted to be and what the next five years could look like with some tweaking and adjustments.  This can also be a method of personal accountability.

Owning your past and realizing that it is part of what makes you the unicorn you are is paramount to moving forward and having an impactful change in your life.  Having the ability to let yourself dream again and realize what you want is possible is the next step and declaring that possible. 2019 can and will be a great year, but you need to have some personal vision for yourself and ensure that you let yourself succeed if you want.


If Jonathan Anderson-Ingebrigtsen could have any dream it would be that people spend more time making fun and quirky memories while seeing the world around them.  Life is too short to wait till tomorrow or live life on a some-day mentality.
He comes from the structured world of corporate HR and company cultural redesign and made the transition to a life that allowed him to become a Travel Blogger and Real Estate professional serving our Veteran Community while Living Full Time!
When he is not traveling around the world or helping his clients find their dream home, he loves parading around the house dancing to music, networking and developing others to help them reach their full potential, all-while munching on sour-gummies of all kinds.