A Mistake in the Making


The biggest mistake I think many of us have made at some point in our lives is believing the only way to become successful is to take the same worn out beaten path. A popular misconception is, “If you want to pursue a career as a marketer, you’ll need a degree in marketing.” Or, if you dream of becoming the CEO of your own company, “You’ll need to get a degree in business.”

So far, from interacting with multiple successful business owners and rising entrepreneurs, this assumption couldn’t be any further from the truth. The purpose of attaining those degrees is indeed to add value to your knowledge, but during this time you are only digging a deeper hole that you’ll have to crawl out of eventually. Whether it’s financially or emotionally.

Everything I Want Is Out There

Everyone makes mistakes, but possibly the most common of them all is not believing in your abilities and following someones else’s lead straight into a dead-end lifestyle. Hence, ignoring that sensation in your stomach that is screaming “What is stopping me? Everything I want is out there.” I say, go out and retrieve that success which is rightfully yours.

You don’t have to wait for anyone’s approval to demand results and take action. Despite living in a “Sink or swim” culture, entrepreneurs have the chance to learn as they go along. Of course some mistakes are inevitable, but none will be more disastrous than trusting in other people’s limitations and transfixing them as your own.

You will never see just how much you can accomplish if you continuously hesitate to take that first step toward a new and previously unexplored route. Disbelieving in your vision or your dream will only ensure negative outcomes. If you understand your goal and what it takes to get there, you’ll begin to realize that you are forging your road, therefore enabling yourself to inspire countless others on the way to do the same. This road has different lanes, but they each lead to massive success.

Steven Ramirez


My name is Steven, I have lived in San Diego all my life and I love to learn. My goal is to one day bring creative and new original ideas into this world. I am a essayist, poet and screenwriter. instagram.com/theguywiththeshades