Acquiring New Levels of Skill


In school, we learn new skills so frequently, we take it for granted.

But what happens once our school years have passed? Sure, we can re-enroll to learn more things, get advanced degrees, and move forward in our careers.

OR we can choose the path of self-learning that allows us to grow and evolve constantly.

Case in point; I was accepted to medical school as a teenager, so now I have a couple decades of medical experience. It’s great. And important. And technical. And challenging. And sometimes frustrating, especially when insurance companies get involved.

My solution? Work out daily and get the creative section of my mind in gear. And travel always helps.

I have been screenwriting for a while, and I’ve recently started travel writing. There are astonishing similarities between all disciplines.

  1. There are people both ahead of and behind you in the learning process.

  2. There are varying degrees of graciousness in those around you.

  3.  If you don’t pursue the dream activity you’re interested in because, say, it will take two years, in two years, you’ll definitely be older, but will you have accomplished what you would have if you’d made the time to pursue your dream?

  4. Fixed mindset people will tell you why you can’t succeed.

  5. Growth mindset people will encourage you to try.

  6. A supportive family makes all the difference when striving towards your next success.

Travel writing encourages you to go new places, acquire better photography skills, and submit articles to new editors and publications, despite your fear of rejection.

Sound familiar? Who wants to be rejected? No one, right?

And yet, if you take steps to learn the new skills, what good does it do if you don’t make the final step.

Plenty of people have great stories in their heads. Until they’re written down, who knows if they’d be worthy of publication.

Many people have amazing stories written down. They’re frequently found by their families when cleaning out closets after they’ve died. Why? Fear.

If they’d taken the time to Level Up, to shine a light on a challenge they’d overcome, so others didn't have such a difficult time... How many people could have been helped?

Get out of your own way. Level Up. Turn around and help the next person. Let her stand on your shoulders and see what she can attain.

Design your life to Learn, Teach, and Serve. Rinse and Repeat. You’ll be glad you did.


A successful physician, Gail enjoys sharing what she's learned through tough life experience to make things a little easier for the women following behind. With a daughter in grad school overseas, Gail travels frequently and balances an active medical practice, travel and screen writing with self care. One of the things she's found with age? Get out of your own way when you learn a new skill and level up! Shine your light on a challenge you've overcome so others don't have such a difficult time.... let them stand on your shoulders and see what they can reach.