Featured Entrepreneur : Allison Maslan

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When asked how she began her entrepreneurial path, Allison Maslan typically tells people that she came out of the womb as a business owner.

She is definitely no stranger to being an entrepreneur. Not only did she start her first business when she was 19, but her father and grandfather were entrepreneurs – so it’s what she grew up knowing. Now, she has been in business for over 35 years.

As a young girl, Allison saw her father lead their family by example. She grew up seeing her father’s ideas and seeing how he would go out and create his visions – bring them to life. For her, business was a way of life. She was always inspired by her father’s passion and success.

Allison knew that after being an administrative employee for two weeks, employee status was not for her. She found herself bored beyond belief and counting the minutes until 5:00. She knew that was no way to spend her days. She quickly jumped on to the entrepreneurial path, starting her first business in college where she wrote personalized poetry and designed greeting cards. After watching her father and grandfather all those years, she figured “if you have gifts, why wouldn’t you go put your gifts out into the world?”

After designing cards for a company and then evolving into brochures, radio and television, and public relations, Allison ended up with a full-service PR firm by the time she was 25. Today Allison feels that through all of her experiences and business ownerships, she has been led to her greatest work - mentoring business owners to reach their dreams.

“Be persistent and stick with it until it’s achieved” is Allison’s life motto. One of her proudest moments is from the beginning when she was persistent in going after a prospective client. She called the owner at least 10 times before she received a return call from him stating, “I’m calling you back so you will stop calling me.” She got that client. This showed her that even when you receive that so-called rejection, you just keep moving forward and don’t give up.

Scale and Fail is Allison’s latest project. It’s her new book that launches in October. This book is all about helping business owners take their businesses to the next level and giving them a formula and process to scale their company. Allison is breaking glass ceilings again with this one . . . this is the first woman authored book on this topic. If you want your business to explode, you need this book. Currently you can pre-order Scale and Fail on Amazon.

For eight years now, Allison has been mentoring and masterminding with CEOs from all over the world. As a way to pay-it-forward, through this program, she takes all of her years in business and builds companies and helps these business owners grow.

At the moment, Allison is going to continue growing her program to impact millions of business owners around the world, giving them the tools and support they need to build phenomenal businesses.Allison’s advice to entrepreneurs is, first, believe you can do it. If you are not 100 percent in, you will not achieve what you want. You have to be in alignment and you have to be in whole-heartedly.

Second, be flexible and open to changes – as your business grows, it’s going to evolve and change. You have to be open to that evolution. You have to know that “what got you here, won’t get you there.”

Lastly, Allison advises to always keep your eye on sales, 24-7. Consistent cashflow is what makes a business. If you stop working on revenue and sales, your business will get stagnant and will fail.

If Allison could give advice to her younger self, she would say, “You’re on the right path. Just have faith.”

You have to believe and trust. When you step out, you may not see the supporting net, but it’s there. It may not be the path that you visualized, but it’s going to get you there in a more creative and beautiful fashion than you could have ever dreamed.

Allison’s final words of wisdom is to keep having fun doing what you love and sharing your heart and wisdom with the world.

Janine L. Holman


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