Are You a Philanthropreneur?

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I love words, do you? I remember many years ago I met a fellow entrepreneur who also writes for this magazine… We were at a Mastermind and the assignment was to work with a partner to hone our message. After she told me her heart and her story, I said, “Oh, you’re a philanthropist!” and she brightened up because she now had a label that encompassed all the aspects of her energy!

Well, today I learned a new word. And I LOVE it! I found it at

Philanthropreneur: an entrepreneur who charitably donates some or all of the rewards from his [or her] successful business revenues towards assisting causes and founding philanthropic ventures.

Wow! I love how this word describes ALMOST every entrepreneur I know and it exudes the vibe that caused me to begin writing this column. The trend of the 21st Century is that creative, successful business owners delight in the opportunity to give back to others!

Do you resonate with this idea? Are you wondering where to start? Here are my top 5 suggestions for moving from “entrepreneur” to “philanthropreneur”:

1. A very simple beginning step is to donate your product or services to an auction for an upcoming charity event. To find an upcoming event in your local area, just google “Charity Events in (your town) ” and Eventbrite will hook you up!

2. Host your OWN charity event! WikiHow has a great “how to” page to help you get started. They break the process into four parts:

  • Doing the legwork: find a charity, set a budget, determine your audience

  • Making arrangements: secure a venue, set the date/time, purchase supplies

  • Spreading the word: flyers, posters, Facebook event, pre-sell tickets if necessary

  • Setting it up: allow plenty of prep time, recruit volunteers!, keep it fun, be clear

  • DONATE: present the funds you have raised to the charity and CELEBRATE!

3. Commit to donating a percent of your profits and set up an auto-pay account to follow through. Do you have a favorite charity that you support? Ask your online friends for suggestions and get started!

4. If you sell a quality product, commit to a “Buy One, Give One” program like the founder of TOMS shoes. Basically, your customers will know that when they purchase your product you will donate a second product to someone in need.

5. And, finally, the most intensive way to “give back” is to start your own Non-Profit! Your local Chamber of Commerce can help you find the resources you need.

Whatever became of my kind-hearted Mastermind group partner? Well, she started with #5 and created “The Giving Angels of San Diego.” She’s my amazing friend, Lynda West. You can find her charity supporting organization on Facebook.

Kathy Kendrick

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