Are You Actually Free?


What is freedom? Freedom to me is having the ability to do, say, and act however I want to at any given moment, without being restrained or constrained by the environment, people or the circumstances I am in. For me, freedom is having the ability to be fully self-expressed and freed to do what I want for my life exactly the way I want to do it and exactly the way I choose not to do it.

How many people do you know actually have the ability to literally say and do what they want exactly when they want to say or do it? Not many. What’s even more interesting are those who say they can but in reality, it’s only in specific situations with certain people. Ever notice that?

When we want to be free in self-expression with others but can’t we simply justify it like “because my mom is there” or “because my boyfriend's there” or “because my family is there I don't want to do it.” We are at the mercy of others when it comes to being free. We are constrained and limited, and actually enslaved by those other people or things because it's actually why we can't do or say what we want to do and because of that, we will never have the kind of life we want to have. The type of life we YEARN to have.

How do we attain this freedom?

What I have found is that if we could put aside any kind of thoughts ideas or reasons as to why we wouldn't be able to do something well then all that's left for you is actually do or say what you want to do. Now saying that is a lot easier than it sounds of course, but when you really get present that you honestly could really do or say whatever you want as long as you are responsible for those actions or words and are willing to deal with any consequences if any that come your way.

When you are responsible for your words and you know the outcome you’d like to have for your life then you’ll be more intentional with your words and say what you want to have that future come true. Intentionality is the key to mastering your time, confidence, future and your life. When you’re intentional, no one can mess with you or control you because you’ll always be telling them when you’re available, if at all, to allow time for them. Consider that without being intentional with your time, such as keeping a calendar of everything you do daily, then your time is at the mercy of those around you whereas when you’re intentional with your time and it’s planned out, you’re now in control of your destiny and your most precious asset (time).

If you are living life like this then you are now in control of your life and are in the driver’s seat living your life, which you chose to live, and not the life given to you by reasons, circumstances, justifications, people, places or things. Take charge of your life. Be intentional, be self-expressed and be responsible for your words and actions!

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Alex Macklin is a Certified Personal Trainer and Yoga teacher in San Diego. He specializes in building strength, mobility, flexibility and rehabilitation with his clients. His mission is to empower people to their own greatness with strength, grace and passion.