Are You Being Neglectful In Your Entrepreneurial Growth?

Are You Being Neglectful In Your Entrepreneurial Growth?


Are you paying attention to the reason you wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Yes, that is always one of the main questions, as entrepreneurs, we need to keep top of mind.  I realized this in a very heart-tugging way when I was asked by my niece at a very you age, "Why do you miss all the holidays." 

As business owners, our focus to be in the present with our new or existing projects is paramount and never-ending.  So often, we unfortunately and unknowingly forget about the reason we had made a decision to be a business owner in the beginning. Family is more vital in our journey and they are so important in our pursuit of being balanced and focused both mentally and physically.  It can feel like being hit out of left field because when there are younger people in your family, all they really and care about is spending time with you. They truly don't understand and don't care about much of anything else.

As entrepreneurs, we have to find a balance of how to be available for the huge time commitment that it will require to start our business and keep it going, and the commitment we have to our family who in many cases, were there before we made a decision to be an entrepreneur.  Take time to be with loved ones because time is the one thing you will never get back. Take time to go to the park, a baseball game, and an event at school.

As entrepreneurs, our business is going to be there the next day, but as we all know our family, i.e. (children, nieces, nephews, grandchildren) all grow up, and those memories can never be recaptured if you were not part of them.

It is so important to find a balance between our family and our business.

Providing for your family is the root reason you made a decision to become a business owner and make sure you are keeping that in mind during those overwhelming days.