Are You Quitting Yet?


As entrepreneurs, have you felt really lonely, sad, and depressed? I get it, disappointments happen and we all through those ups and downs. Asking questions to yourself like, do we have the funds to carry a business? Do people even like us? Some sales come in, we're happy, and when sales are down, we're doubting. We all get depressed, and it's easy for us to go on a downward spiral. Knowing that the only way to get out of it is by getting up. But it's hard to get back up when the more down feels come up. You're not getting the results you want in your business, and it's affecting you. I've been there, but here are some keys to getting yourself out of the funk with the methodologies that I teach:

The HeartBreak Sale

Have you ever felt that you were about to close a big sale and then as soon as you're getting the contract of your big sale ready, they all of a sudden had a change of heart and told you "NO." Those last-minute decisions can really be painful, but they're a blessing. What do you do when you put all of your heart and soul into that sale and lose? Don't be the one to lower your price because they said no. Know your competition and keep competing. Don't compare your prices to your competition, you already know your worth and that your service works better. Always know that a better opportunity is approaching you and it's a bigger deal.

Sales Are Down, Now Make A Decision

Sales are down, and you are on the verge of wanting to give up because you're becoming depressed. When sales are not coming in, ask yourself, "What could I be doing more of?" People give up so easily and forget their commitment to their WHY. Understand if you ever want to give up on your business because sales aren't coming in, then it wasn't your dream, to begin with. But, if you're really in it for the long run and you don't want to give up, then clap yourself out of it. As entrepreneurs, we make decisions to commit and do whatever it takes to fulfill our dreams. Make the decision to commit and focus!

Scared To Sell Because Of Rejection

Rejection sucks! It's painful and just hearing the sound of someone passively saying no to you is even more crushing. It gives you anxiety about approach people again and wanting to sell. Here's a question for those who are in relationships, did you die when you approached your significant other to go on a date with you? Of course, you didn't. For those who are single, did you die when someone told you no? Of course not, because you kept going. You may have anxiety, but it will never change until you keep going and keep getting rejected until you get that one yes. Embrace the feeling and always take action.

When you fell off of a bike, what did you do? You got back up and got back on the bike to continue your ride. The same thing applies in entrepreneurship. I have gone through it all, but what made the ride much smoother was getting myself a mentor. With a mentor, I was able to overcome all of my excuses, my doubts, and all of my failures. With the help of a mentor, I am a sought after energy coach and motivational speaker for colleges and corporations. Any time you feel like you’re falling off the wheel and you’re close to quitting, feel free to reach out to me. Let’s put the energy back into your journey and commit.

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Dominic is a motivational speaker and a very passionate serial entrepreneur. Born in New Orleans with the gift of speaking and raised in Boston, MA. Dominic lives his life to the fullest, and his gift is speaking to energize business owners just like you so that you can have more production from your team, more sales, and live life more.

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