Are you Ready to Give it All?

I believe commitment is a powerful word. To be committed to someone or something you got to be ready to give it all.

Commitment involves dedication, willingness to give your time and energy, your passion, your actions, and never, ever give up.

Commitment is a “choice.”

When was the last time you felt committed to something or somebody? Maybe it was the time you fell in love, and you decided it was time to take that jump into that relationship. Perhaps it was about your dreams and your future.

Committed people take risks, face fear, make tufted decisions because they know, that to get those great dreams and to find happiness and fulfillment, they have to jump, even not knowing if their safety net would be there to catch them if they fall. They will jump anyway.

Those people feel the fear, feel the doubt, but they have the certainty, that there is not another way to embrace life than taking those risks.

They can’t live a mediocre life. Plain as that. They choose living over surviving.

They are many times called crazy, absurd and silly. Sometimes, they are the black sheep among friends and family. And even when they feel hurt or alone, they know that inside of them there is a flame that’s more powerful than anything else. They know that the only way to feel alive is by honoring their word, keeping the promises they did to themselves, “no matter what.”

Committed people have a dream, and they dream about it, even when they are awake. They will never stop doing what is required until they fulfilled their promise to themselves and others.

Their word is their religion, their morals and values are above many others. They are the world shifter, the world’s inspiration, the hope, the future.

Committing means dedicating your time and your efforts to something, even in those moments when you might “not feel like it,” it is staying on course until you reach your final destination, “no matter what,” “no excuses allowed.”

Commitment takes effort, decision and strength, it might take time and work. However, only you will know, once you reach your desired result, that every little sacrifice, was worth it.

Are you ready to give it your all?


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