Are You Working Hard or Hardly Working?


I'm sure you’ve heard this phrase from time to time (usually taken lightly), “Are you working hard or hardly working?” As an entrepreneur, you probably stand out because you are always working hard and have your hands in many different projects at once. But the big question is, “Are they IPAs?” When I say IPA I'm not talking about your favorite beer, I'm talking about Income Producing Activities. If we are “busy” working around the clock until we become overwhelmed and overworked with nothing to show for it, then we are not working on IPAs.

I have always worked hard, but sometimes could easily be distracted with several different opportunities, a lot of which did not bring fulfillment or positive cash flow. Then I found a mentor and an accountability partner. That changed everything.

I now know the value of asking myself on a daily basis if I am working on IPAs. Although many entrepreneurs expect IPAs to be instant, it's important to understand the process and fall in love with it. Within that process, however, you must have a desired end result.

What is your DMO? Your daily method of operations (DMO) is when you put into practice daily tasks that will actually produce income so that you will get a nice return on your time investment. I know it's easy to get caught off track when a new TV series or movie is released, your social media is going crazy with new notifications every few minutes, or friends and family are messaging you to catch up or hang out.

Just last week one of my good friends whom I haven't seen in a very long time randomly popped up on my doorstep letting me know he was “in the neighborhood” so he decided to stop by. It was great seeing him again and catching up, but what should have been just a couple minutes turned into 4 hours of laughing and catching up. After he left, I knew I should have remained focused on my daily goal and accomplished my midnight deadline. Instead, I scurried around stressed out and handed in mediocre work that would just get by.

I encourage writing a DMO with a daily list of tips that need to be completed before the end of the day or do not go to sleep. I love my sleep, so I make sure to get mine done! The DMO is a game changer.

Here are some examples you can use to hold yourself accountable. Remember, make a daily list of what you want to accomplish.

1. Build connections by networking.


2. Place ads to generate leads for more sales or sales funnels.

3. Take advantage of Facebook live, Instagram live, YouTube, all social media, hangout groups, and host webinars or podcasts to interact with your ideal client or future business partners.

4. Follow up, follow up, follow up! Whether it's through email, messenger, text, phone call, personal letter, following up after the initial introduction is key to success.

In conclusion, we all get sidetracked, but by sticking to your DMO of IPAs every single day you are sure to become successful.

Brandon Elliott

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Brandon Elliott went from house arrest to buy and hold investor with investment properties out of state that have a 60%+ CCR.Encourages daily personal development and fulfilling your purpose. Advocate of financial awareness and time management skills becoming embraced to lead down the path of success. Brandon supports startup companies and overall entrepreneurs to build multiple streams of businesses. Brandon is also apart of a non-profit organization called Y.E.S. (young entrepreneur society) which provides high school students with additional options rather than traditional college to become their own boss. His vision is transforming distressed neighborhoods into dream homes through real estate to pursue financial freedom. Brandon's passion stems from creating a united strong family that pushes each other to prosper and thrive.