Auntie Mary Fears NOTHING: Especially SALES!


“I HATE SALES,” is something that I always hear from entrepreneurs. “I’m not good at sales,” is also another phrase I often hear. I truly believe that this all stems from a fear of rejection. Fear of rejection is something that we must all overcome to become a successful businessman or businesswoman. You know what the bonus is? The more you overcome your fear of rejection, the more confidence you will have for the next fear intruding thought.

So, my friends, I am proud to say I am a beast when it comes to sales. I am so good at sales that I am always prospected to join sales teams everywhere I go. While of course, I may be good at sales, success at selling is not always a guarantee without this one big key.

If you continue reading this, you will learn how to get over the fear of selling and actually become so successful at it, I guarantee you’re going to want to thank me!

What is that one big tip you ask? It is called being PASSIONATE!

If you don’t know, I am a director of Young Entrepreneur Society, and we go to high schools bringing success principles and much more to the students on a weekly basis. The best part of all is, they call me “Auntie Mary!” Because I am so passionate about this topic, I never have to sell anyone on liking me. They see I am a genuinely good person who cares and is passionate about their success and they sell themselves on me. Come from a passionate mindset of building the relationship and just bringing smiles to others face, and you will never have to sell anyone!

To give you another real-life example of how simple overcoming your fears is, let me share with you my current movement. I am so passionate about my upcoming book, “Letters to Me: Life Lessons I wish I Knew,” I share it with such enthusiasm and passion that it’s not selling. It is sharing my message and my movement that is going to impact the lives of so many teens.

Because I have that type of enthusiasm and others can hear it in my voice, they sell themselves and 95 percent of people I talk to about it, want to get involved! The passion you hear in my voice when I share the movement behind “Letters to Me,” naturally gets contagious and others actually get excited as well! Can you imagine just sharing your goals and your passion with others around you? Take it a step further and imagine them begging to be apart of your movement.

When you are truly passionate about your product or service, it no longer becomes a product or service. It becomes a movement. If you have a feeling of fear every time you talk to someone about what you have to offer, remember why you got into that business in the first place and reactivated that PASSION!


Mary Hang is a serial entrepreneur and philanthropist. Although she wears multiple hats as an entrepreneur, her biggest and most rewarding passion is impacting the youth through Young Entrepreneur Society.