Ava Khamooshi

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Favorite quote: “Build a firm foundation with the things that are thrown at you”

Ultimate Goal: Impact lives through psychology


Ava has been a life and business coach for ten years. She also coaches real estate agents and is currently focusing on her doctorate in psychology. Ava’s passion is psychology and understanding breakthroughs, how they happen, and how they impact people’s psyche.



Currently, Ava is coaching over 750 people in real estate, life and business. She hopes to promote the American dream and aims to help people reach their true potential. Although she doesn’t have her doctorate in psychology yet, Ava stills helps people understand and work through minor conditions.


Being very creative and driven, Ava hopes to find someone who can understand her busy schedule and her priorities. Being a full-time business owner, a doctoral candidate, and a single mother, this leaves very little of Ava’s time or energy to be put into dating. Although Ava has never had a problem with dating, she does enjoy her studies, running her businesses and raising her child because those are her true passions!


Ava’s best advice for single mothers looking to get into entrepreneurship is to find your passion and follow it and to not pick something because of financial reward. Do what you would love to do. Following this advice is what led Ava to psychology. It is her true passion.


For those looking to get into coaching, her best advice is to walk the talk. People can spot reality versus just an idea you had. Ava looks at all of her struggles in life as experiences to move her coaching along, because it gives her the experience to coach on what she has gone through.


The hardest part about being an entrepreneur and a single mother is time management. She has to be mindful of having her daughter full time, being a full-time student, and running a business full time. Ava keeps three different journals to categorize her business, personal and school life. She has 20 different tasks each day in her journals. Every task she doesn’t complete moves to the next day keeping her very focused on what she needs to accomplish.


The biggest success in Ava’s life is the relationship she has with her daughter!


Ten years down the road Ava hopes to be a smaller version of Tony Robbins, speaking at conferences and impacting as many lives as she can through speaking and writing books. Even though Ava does have a job and a business, she has given herself the freedom to walk away from something if it is emotionally draining, or she doesn’t feel like it is good for her.


This bachelorette is a great catch if you’re looking for someone who is self-motivated and who wants to make a big impact on the world.